Zoë Kravitz Gets Trippy While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
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Zoë Kravitz is an actress, model, and musician you know from projects like Mad Max: Fury Road and HBO's Big Little Lies. She also stars in High Fidelity, a new series from HULU which is set to release on Valentine's Day (February 14). But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Kravitz takes on the wings of death and sits down for a deep-dive interview with Sean Evans. Along the way, the multitalented star covers everything from pancake breakfasts with Prince, to throwback fashion photos through the ages.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast

    Who is the most chill Hot Ones guest of all time?

    • Jayson Morgan
      Jayson Morgan

      Halle Berry.

    • Nikita Barriteau
      Nikita Barriteau


    • Benchmark

      Shia, Redman!

    • Jay L.BETTER
      Jay L.BETTER

      Shia , zoe. Then everyone else

    • Tyler Young
      Tyler Young

      Rob Dyrdek

  • Steve Berryman
    Steve Berryman

    a commercial break during Da Bomb....sigh

  • Kerry Mackey
    Kerry Mackey

    She handled that crazy well

  • Kerry Mackey
    Kerry Mackey

    I love how she k owns all about this show

  • MsJaye Terrell
    MsJaye Terrell

    Her personality is everything

  • JaiProdz


  • RP K
    RP K

    aww she had me til Friends. :-(

  • Narmani

    My wife is so mf beautiful 😍😍😍😍😩💕

  • astrid burdon
    astrid burdon

    She is so gorgeous its unreal

  • Immortalsidathara29

    I can see myself marrying her

  • davejohnsonize

    Fao Zoë next time you’re in the uk, Annies Burger Shack in Nottingham does all 30 of its burgers as meaty, veggie or vegan and holy fuck is it amazing. Pass that shit on FWF.

  • Heidi Nicole
    Heidi Nicole

    I simply adore this woman

  • meyersfarber

    another example of a woman crushing this show - no water, wtf?! Hey, Idris Elba, watch and learn!

  • M S
    M S

    Ok I can dig it. She can be catwoman

  • Caroline B.
    Caroline B.

    She is so cute & now i really want shiny green nails

  • lil xecsus
    lil xecsus


  • Kans Tony
    Kans Tony

    high fidelity is the best show ever

  • Marina Rubin
    Marina Rubin


  • Marina Rubin
    Marina Rubin

    obsessed with her

  • David Wahlstrom
    David Wahlstrom

    Zoe Kravitz: GANGSTER

  • dantrel81

    The ending is funny AF! I love this episode

  • Ro Ki
    Ro Ki

    I love Zoe Kravitz.

  • Gerald Scott
    Gerald Scott

    Wow she truly looks like an angel like her mom treat personality

  • Sha'iere Smirnoff
    Sha'iere Smirnoff

    She’s a potty mouth lol

  • DMT Dragon
    DMT Dragon

    Shes a nephilim.

  • Blake McCallum
    Blake McCallum

    You are one of the best interviewers I've ever seen, holy fuck. It's actually incredible how prepared and awesome you are for every one of these.

  • ninaaa aaa
    ninaaa aaa

    I just wanna know where she got her entire outfit

  • G.L. Binkley
    G.L. Binkley

    What she said about her friends getting rejected from a car at burning man that was "private" is a reflection on modern day society and no matter what group or area you are in, you deal with these people

  • Choya

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1080">18:00</a> “There are things called art cars..., and anyone can jump on and jump off... my friends and I jumped on and some girls were like ThIs iS pRiVaTe aCtUaLlY.. like that’s not how this works... I’m happy that wealthy, powerful people are able to expand their minds..If you’re gonna bring a five star chef, give food to whoever wants it.” LISTEN - This is the only part of the interview I perceive to be toxic in that it screams entitlement, especially from a wealthy & powerful person such as herself. Communal does equal entitlement to other people’s property and resources. It does not mean you have the right to encroach on people’s privacy, if that’s what they want. People spend hours and hours building their art cars, and if they don’t want random people jumping on then that’s ok! Maybe ask next time? It’s not ok to demand food from people, whether they employed a 5 star chef or not. Again, be polite and ask. Better yet, why not make your own art car, bring your own 5-star chef and you can share with whoever you want?

  • N Kch
    N Kch

    Sky kinda looks like Susan from Friends 🤔

  • Neutral Artist
    Neutral Artist

    Holy 🤬 she looks EXACTLY like her mother with the dreads.

  • HIGH LYFE600
    HIGH LYFE600

    Sexiest woman alive

  • dave bow
    dave bow

    She's sooooo cute inside and out

  • Jodi Arias
    Jodi Arias

    I hate this bitch even more now

  • Benjamin Shelton
    Benjamin Shelton

    She's gonna be an awesome Catwoman

  • Jadyn Hammond
    Jadyn Hammond

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> @sluttyveganatl

  • Casey M
    Casey M

    Slutty Vegan in Atlanta is that Vegan fast food spot that Zoë would like to see.

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    she's so cute and chill!

  • Raina Jean
    Raina Jean

    I always win friends trivia

  • Lost Angeles Times
    Lost Angeles Times

    she is beyond beautiful. hotter than any wings on that table

  • Thao Le Hai
    Thao Le Hai

    Skye 🌟

  • Josh Chandler
    Josh Chandler

    Zoë powned it!

  • Carissa Moore
    Carissa Moore


  • Lot-lot Hermosura
    Lot-lot Hermosura

    She’s so cool.

  • Bay Leaf
    Bay Leaf

    My favorite film that she’s been in is The Road Within.

  • Jonathan Woods
    Jonathan Woods

    She’s chill as fuck, her personality is just beautiful. Would love to meet her one day.

  • Kourosh Wallace
    Kourosh Wallace

    I actually think these two would make a great couple...

  • Key Millz
    Key Millz

    She a beast!!!!! And drunk a brew at the end. 💯

  • DariusDaro

    She is more hit than any sauce in the world

  • Donelle Mutiva
    Donelle Mutiva

    Perfect would be an understatement



  • Jalen Lane
    Jalen Lane

    I've had a slight crush on her since Xmen first class.

  • Inisa Jefferson
    Inisa Jefferson

    Did she even break a sweat?

  • HeelsAndTruth

    We had a place like <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="213">3:33</a> in New Orleans called Sneaky Pickle. But it burned down about a year ago.

  • Gladius Boston
    Gladius Boston

    I just finished watching the whole 1st season of High Fidelity and it is fucken great reccomend 100 percent

  • Ramla Yusuf
    Ramla Yusuf

    Her outfit 🥺

  • mari

    omg was sge drinking a corona beer

  • Siddha Kane
    Siddha Kane

    You bad and All but get rihanna in here ❗️

  • Ana Logo
    Ana Logo

    She's just so Cool.. Casual.. & Beautiful 🙂❤ Luv her!!

  • Kim Massey
    Kim Massey

    Absolutely love her outfit. Just sayin

  • Steven Teves
    Steven Teves

    Zoe Kravitz is indeed... the Bomb..!

  • Will Chill
    Will Chill

    if you like Zoey give this a thumbs up see if we can surpass the 4k top

  • Maria Castellano
    Maria Castellano

    The only hot ones that actually made go watch the show the actor was in and boy did I binge watch that show.sooo good

  • cory flowers
    cory flowers

    Her skin😖😖😖😖😖😖🥰

  • K Lavin
    K Lavin

    Zoe Kravitz is THE DOPEST Woman out there! I need to hangout with her sometime. Bucket list type shit

  • Santhia Calixte
    Santhia Calixte

    What a beauty and piercing eyes.

  • chattowncutie

    I love her man!

  • Witcher Crafts
    Witcher Crafts

    First time I saw a picture of her I mistook her for her mother.

  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen

    are those real wings

  • Jodian Wickham
    Jodian Wickham

    She us just so beautiful! My god

  • Shareese Lee
    Shareese Lee

    omg she is not freaking out lol

  • Yves Younes
    Yves Younes

    I hate veganz...

  • Gein3nMusic


  • Irianny Guzman
    Irianny Guzman

    san diego has some bomb fast food vegan spots to grub!

  • sameer bhamra
    sameer bhamra

    i’m so impressed which makes her even more beautiful! 😍

  • Anita Johnson
    Anita Johnson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="818">13:38</a> got me WET!!!

  • Yesef Medina
    Yesef Medina

    I'm was not a fan of Zoe prior to watching this episode, that has all changed. She is humble and the interaction with he life long friend indeed shows how genuine a person she really is. Great episode. Sky, you Da Bomb!

  • Just Leo ØwØ
    Just Leo ØwØ

    What a God damn champion

  • Sofia B
    Sofia B

    I have no idea who this girl is but I just watched the full thing bc shes so beautiful lol

  • Elmo de la Muerte
    Elmo de la Muerte

    I wasnt sure about her playing Catwoman, but now Im sold as fuck she is sexy