Void Edge Mythbusters - Iana & Oryx - 6News - Rainbow Six Siege
The second Void Edge Mythbusters video here: mrsofts.info/hd/vhidio/gndhaKJmepLfrq8
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  • coreross

    Another Void Edge Mythbusters video is now out here: mrsofts.info/hd/vhidio/bWZ5raiAr6feh6M

    • Kier Sirrine
      Kier Sirrine

      What happens when Oryx rams into someone carrying a hostage

    • Damian Gonzalez
      Damian Gonzalez

      Can ianas hologram see vigil while he’s using his ability

    • XGamer 97
      XGamer 97

      Do Iana's holograms trigger traps like kapkan traps or ela's grizmots?

    • Chick Falley420
      Chick Falley420

      Can you use lana while proning or laying down, or do you have to be standing?

  • Raidexx YT
    Raidexx YT

    In Iana's bio it says that echo gave her his drone tech and used it to make sort of her own hover drones that project the hologram and give her a camera view through her eyes and no phones or anything, directly through her eyes. Its honestly kinda weird. 🤔

  • Alec Fisher
    Alec Fisher

    Pulse is already a crutch operator with an op gadget, same for IANA, giving her hologram a heartbeat would only make pulse more op

  • Ajinkya Meshram
    Ajinkya Meshram

    Try jumping drones in fire when u see one burning

  • GreenHornet1379

    Does Iana's drone activate Frost mats?

  • Yellow Tri-stand
    Yellow Tri-stand

    Makes you wonder why oryx doesn't just play basketball

  • Harvey Shaw
    Harvey Shaw

    Btw the hologram is immune but if you go out of the hologram she is flashed like she was there it is pretty realistic if you ask me

  • Shaun Rumleski
    Shaun Rumleski

    Imagine in a 1v1 with an attacker with oryx and losing because you slammed through a wall

  • dragon memeZ
    dragon memeZ

    I guess i was supposed to learn tips for these operators but all I learned was that iana had way too many counters

  • BearIsLife

    Hologram also doesn’t have a thermal signature

  • AndrE Krzyżowiec
    AndrE Krzyżowiec

    "Can you oppen hatches with DMR?" Well i guess you can do this with every gun, you just have to shoot enough bullets.

  • Noob 333
    Noob 333

    Is iana thiiiiiicc? It's not a myth it's just true.

  • tfreak1005

    She puts the PC fans rpm up so they can fly

  • Maxi Shrek
    Maxi Shrek

    Can iq see iana hologram

  • Petscop 2
    Petscop 2

    Oryx is now my favorite operator.

  • Samuel B. St-Pierre
    Samuel B. St-Pierre

    Learn to speak

  • Rik

    0.25 oryx looks like he has airpods

  • Dylan Burgess
    Dylan Burgess

    They should give oryx a kool aid elite skin and make his animation of him crashing through a wall saying ''OH YEA"

  • [Redacted] [Redacted]
    [Redacted] [Redacted]

    We're just gunna ignore that at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="272">4:32</a> those flashes would have straight up blinded Iana

  • Val Hudson
    Val Hudson

    Can blitz flash ying ????????

  • Clarence Riley
    Clarence Riley

    kinda would be funny if oryx could make the repeling enemy get knock around like yoyo when he hit them,also would make more seen then them being a brick wall when he hits them, also when he dropped charged he should channel his inner pro wrestler and dropkick them instead of nothing

  • Nathaniel Bass
    Nathaniel Bass

    What happens if you Oryx charge someone who is swinging in on a rappel?

  • DarkPhantom2088/Chingyboy2625

    Replicater doesn't get destroyed from capitao bolt because it's an asphyxiating bolt, which takes all the oxygen out of the area it's fired in, since drones don't breath, they can't get destroyed.

  • LlamaBadger Gaming
    LlamaBadger Gaming

    Myth can a Iana drone trigger a frost trap

  • GetClaPPedK1d

    Can an Iana clone see vigil while he is using his ability

  • Look UR Dead 5816
    Look UR Dead 5816

    Why would pulse be able to detect Ianas hologram pulse has a heart beat sensor not a hologram sensor Lol

  • Kevin Webb
    Kevin Webb

    In addition. ORYX CANNOT move a hostage. He just bounces around

  • Trashdaddy

    can Iana activate frost traps and gu mines?

  • Damian Gonzalez
    Damian Gonzalez

    Can Ianas hologram see vigil while he’s using his ability?

  • Bastion Tanks
    Bastion Tanks

    Can oryx climb through the hatch in fortress that is on the roof and attackers can only access *unless your a savage*

  • Bryce_ The_gamer
    Bryce_ The_gamer

    What about when they go in while rappelling and then oryx hits them

  • Godimon Garza
    Godimon Garza

    Can Iana drone see vigil when using ability?

  • Cosmic Sphinx
    Cosmic Sphinx

    What if Oryx charges into you while you rappel? (Directly)

  • YouTube _Name
    YouTube _Name

    One thing oryx can be helpful for is breaking furniture He can break lots of various small furniture without taking damage and can make hiding spots wider hallways etc. What the frik i just typed the comment and the video plays that part

  • Thomas Regnart
    Thomas Regnart

    Pulse successfully scanning the hologram would be stupid, it doesn't have a heartbeat and I don't think there's anyway to justify Iana being able to fool him


    Yay time to get panic shoulder charged again. *destiny ptsd intensifies*

  • heavy 3DM
    heavy 3DM

    Can vigil in his ERC-7 state be detected by lana’s drone?

  • jörgen #2
    jörgen #2

    Console pesant

  • CosmeticHades

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="136">2:16</a> that looked funny

  • Lucas Schultz
    Lucas Schultz

    You forgot to see what happens when oryx dashes over gridlocks trax stingers!

  • Vapr rekz
    Vapr rekz

    Does ianas drone also use the skin your using

  • Ado422

    That animation is so fucked ahahah

  • Jayden Benoit
    Jayden Benoit

    Can mute counter Iana's ability

  • Justin Boggues
    Justin Boggues

    The Iana and Ying combo sounds legit

  • Yano

    If iana is too weak I would love to see her hologram be able to go through drone holes. As in she can activate it near a drone hole and the little PC case fans could fly through the drone hole

  • Titan

    Vigil and Lana interaction?

  • Yung Saucey
    Yung Saucey

    You using a controller on pc?

  • Nadyys _
    Nadyys _

    Can you Plant the bomb with Iana's drone?

  • Xíren Seo
    Xíren Seo

    time to throw iana's drone down tower

  • Joshua Laakson
    Joshua Laakson

    The clone doesn’t have a thermal sig

  • Eren

    Wait wait wait... You sure fire doesn't destroy drones? 🧐

  • Elijah Beukers
    Elijah Beukers

    Mute jammers should interrupt Iana's hologram

  • Gronek31

    Could you check Iana on kapkan traps? I think that she should be able to destroy kapkan traps her hologram because kapkan traps is a laser so it works on move not transparent objects.

  • TooNferno

    The tech wouldnt have a heart

  • Joshua

    I use iana and Orgx today and holyshit they are overpowered on console

  • Tatsumi

    Mutes gadget stops Iana's clone

  • mateo

    What if Iana’s hologram hits a frost trap?

  • Your Boi Dane
    Your Boi Dane

    Why does it say MP5 assault rifle

  • Wannysek

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> Holy shit that's a cursed image....Jesus christ that Clash face...

  • Red Voltzz
    Red Voltzz

    Cant believe you Didnt test Mutes Jammer against the Hologram

  • Hunter Eversole
    Hunter Eversole

    operation void edge were the attacker is a thot and the defender is cool aid man (im saying thot about the new attacker but im just kidding but really look at her fricking mvp and non mvp animation

  • SC Vexious
    SC Vexious

    Can you counter a shield knife when u boost!?

  • Adam Dobry
    Adam Dobry

    Boi didnt skip leg day

  • Syed HR!
    Syed HR!

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a> MP5 is not an AR, Its an SMG. Right?

  • Callum6467

    Wait so 3 new operators

  • James Hardy
    James Hardy

    Can iana’s drone climb ladders

    • bts nation worldwide
      bts nation worldwide


  • YPluto_

    am i the only one who thinks that ubi got their idea (with the flying drones creating a hologram) from spiderman?

  • skyler vanderpool
    skyler vanderpool

    Someone wake me up when this shit is actually live...

  • Zatweeb

    I thought Oryx’s Icon was a winged boot like Mercury, only now realized it’s an actual Oryx

  • ImWolfpup

    Do you what else is busted? *IANA*

  • Ryujinn.

    Iana’s ezpz counter is to just look at her face.

  • John Massucci
    John Massucci

    i can look at a heart beat on a hologram i cant sometimes

  • Dan Knudsen
    Dan Knudsen

    Oryx: exists Me: the kool-aid man memes shall flow

  • greendragon4444

    Does the hologram set off kapcan traps?

  • Preston

    Ian’s is why clash is disabled

  • Funny Valentine
    Funny Valentine

    I first thought the girl was a skin for ella

  • Baylen Cardenas
    Baylen Cardenas

    Can Oryx contest a room from the hatch below or above the room by hanging there?

  • Joe Scott
    Joe Scott

    In my opinion they should allow Oryx to knock down teammates. Now i know this may be a bad idea but it knocks them back as well so it could save a few teammates.

  • Немшилов Артем
    Немшилов Артем

    Iana vs lesion GU

  • Andrej L
    Andrej L

    Nobody Absolutely nobody Oryx: *l4d2 tank sounds*