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  • frank jerry
    frank jerry

    chinese pronounce its thanthan not tantan bt the spelling is same

  • Prokrity Hasan
    Prokrity Hasan

    I have dated more than 4/5 people from this app(TanTan)😪 1st one cheated on me💔 & all of the others wasn't so believable 💔🙂

  • Jayashree Chakraborty
    Jayashree Chakraborty

    I am Satyam here -my friends said me many times to watch friends but I never watched!

  • Vrinda Bathwal
    Vrinda Bathwal

    Dude... Correct answer is Season 5😂 They hooked up in the last episode of season 4 n then started dating in season 5

  • Tanisha Agarwal
    Tanisha Agarwal

    board exams who?

  • BlinkFU

    Sooo does it mean scorpios are not good lovers. 😋

  • Ajax Sid
    Ajax Sid

    Virgos are most romantic. My 20 year old Virgin ass : Aise bhi hota hai kya?

  • Rashmi Malhotra
    Rashmi Malhotra

    Subtitles plz

  • Aditi Akanksha Mehta
    Aditi Akanksha Mehta

    Cecilia ahern 🤘 Scorpios rule!!!!!!

  • Anushri Khese
    Anushri Khese

    Satyam is cute 😊

  • Rakshanda Patil
    Rakshanda Patil

    Pisces pls

  • Smriti Trehan
    Smriti Trehan

    Scorpions where are ya'll❤️

  • bint e adam
    bint e adam

    6:30 ek bar jetay hain ek bar martay hain shadi b ek bar hoti hai pyar b ek bar hota hai par rahul ny shadi ny or pyar dono do do bar kiya 😉

  • sadiya mehdi
    sadiya mehdi


  • Shambhaviee Upadhyay
    Shambhaviee Upadhyay

    Did Josh really say *overthunk* ??

  • Ashlesh Pagare
    Ashlesh Pagare

    Technically, Rahul proposes to Tina at the first meet itself. Rahul turns while talking to Anjali and bumps into Tina and says I love you.

  • Jasmeet Kaur
    Jasmeet Kaur

    Guyzzz...i am a taurus..pls make a video related to taureans,..plssssssss

  • Kshama Shekar
    Kshama Shekar

    I think the teams this teams were well chosen! Josh and Tenzing make a pretty cool calm collective thoughful team whereas Sadhika and Shonali kinda deserve eachother lol and Akshay just works with ANYONE! :D :D

  • Madhu's Dairy
    Madhu's Dairy

    What about leo

  • Payal Revankar
    Payal Revankar

    New colour of love is “Purple”

  • Lavii singh
    Lavii singh


  • Shefali Pandey
    Shefali Pandey

    Nobody- Tenzing- Sunsaine

  • Sharika Venugopal
    Sharika Venugopal

    Wait ...oxytocin ??? ..really

  • Bimal Kumar
    Bimal Kumar

    7:07 p. s I love u cecelia ahern

  • Rashmi Malhotra
    Rashmi Malhotra

    Subtitles plz

  • sanahification

    Why not aries??

  • Tina dSouza
    Tina dSouza

    Sagittarius 🤟

  • Anonyamus

    So the color of love is "Red". Yeah! Cuz it sucks blood outta us. 😥😥

  • Bipul Wagle
    Bipul Wagle

    Pyar ka rang safed

  • gauri kamble
    gauri kamble

    Do libra also

  • bristy ahmed
    bristy ahmed

    Team Scorpio♥️

  • vishal kumar
    vishal kumar

    When it started I was like bechari sonali and then sadhika gave 2 correct answers 😅😂😂

  • Vidhi K
    Vidhi K

    Guys Dopamine is hormone of love and Oxytocin is hormone of trust

  • gayetri thapa
    gayetri thapa

    It's getting too monotonous. Please No 😭

  • Srijita Bose
    Srijita Bose

    Where is Capricorns?

  • Karnail Singh
    Karnail Singh

    I think the background sound is of antil 😊

  • Mitali Kothari
    Mitali Kothari

    Why is no one talking about how good Sonali looks in here damn🥺💕

  • Kajal Yadav
    Kajal Yadav

    colour of love? ishq ka rang safed piya na chal na kapat na bhed piyaa😛😛

  • rahul thawait
    rahul thawait

    We want samdish in OK tested

  • Saima

    Is there any libra ...???

  • Mendes Love
    Mendes Love

    OK so I text from my mom's phone and say him don't reply 😅

  • Sejal Bandhkar
    Sejal Bandhkar

    Well is this a coincidence that I belong to team commerce as well as team Scorpio ? Win or lose .... I'm just happy that my favourites are in one team ❤❤

  • yo bro gives life lessons
    yo bro gives life lessons

    Akshay is a total mood 😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Crystal Grande
    Crystal Grande

    Then: I love you, reply mat karna Now: I hate you, reply mat karna 😆

  • puneet kaur
    puneet kaur

    Srsly! Romantic and no pisces ! I being a pisces knew all of it !!!

  • Bharti Mamta
    Bharti Mamta

    Satyam i am looking for you on tantan 😉😄😄😄😄😉😉😉

  • Poorvi Kulshrestha
    Poorvi Kulshrestha

    No need to offense but 1:56 *Chutiya* Again no offense

  • Vrinda P
    Vrinda P

    Any ARIES watching this??🔥

  • apurva Teltumbade
    apurva Teltumbade

    Color of love is pink

  • Priyanshi Negi
    Priyanshi Negi

    To Josh: overthunk nahi overthought. 😅 P.s. you are the coolest of all.

  • Anas Pathan
    Anas Pathan

    Plz support me on youtube I will pray for you

  • Aena Mustafa
    Aena Mustafa

    My brain cells during MCQ questions : 7:48 😅

  • M4HIR

    They all - hug day Me - hug de

  • Kuheli Biswas
    Kuheli Biswas

    I am also a Scorpio yaayyyy sameee #teamAkshay

  • sanskriti chowdhary
    sanskriti chowdhary

    Wht abt libras ,Capricorn the r too romantic And of course others too cancer,Gemini,Aries,Taurus

  • Sruti Mitra
    Sruti Mitra

    Lsn guys who else wants leos to be there in the next quiz?🙋🙋

  • Sruti Mitra
    Sruti Mitra

    #teamakshay forever!!!

  • Nandani Kumari
    Nandani Kumari

    Plz make on tarus

  • Anushmita Dasgupta
    Anushmita Dasgupta

    I loved aksay's look today he was looking soo cuteeeeeeeeeeeee omg !!! Btw loved the video 💖

  • Manoj Pandey
    Manoj Pandey

    Ladies on leather jackets 🧥