Love Aaj Kal 2 Movie Review & Analysis | Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan, Arushi Sharma | Imtiaz Ali
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#LoveAajKal2 presents #KartikAaryan and #SaraAliKhan in lead roles! Was the iconic story from 2009 best left untouched or was this new rendition worth your time and money this Valentines Day? Check out the review to find out!
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  • Tried&Refused Productions.
    Tried&Refused Productions.

    Do you guys want the review of World Famous Lover?

    • Mangesh Devraj
      Mangesh Devraj

      '96 movie ki review ?

    • happy life
      happy life

      Can you please review Nana Patekar's shagird

    • Muneera begum Abdul
      Muneera begum Abdul

      Yes plz

    • I’m Butterfly
      I’m Butterfly

      Yes please please please

    • Krishnapriya Dasari
      Krishnapriya Dasari

      I want it

  • Thesika Rao
    Thesika Rao

    Is Sara a gud actor? I have watched all 3 movie of hers ND I seriously don't c her as much as I m told about her attitude ND stuff.. u can of course be n articulate person, down to earth, witty ND all that .. tats ur personal character.. but as an actor she needs to evolve .. acting is an art ... Plz take real talent wen it comes to art! Period.

  • loomdoby

    U seem to be focused too much on Sara and kartik can movie comparison.. U forget to mention the rest of star cast.. Randeep hooda

  • Salil Kapoor
    Salil Kapoor

    ये मूवी रिव्यू है के भोग क्रिया

  • Sujeet Bhamre
    Sujeet Bhamre

    I simply listen to this channel....cause I love this guy's voice ..... He should be a RJ or. Storyteller ......... Who are you dude ?

  • Nich Nina
    Nich Nina

    I just watched mensxp love aj kal review,....i must say tried and refused prodn has done a great job. I feel like i can totally rely on this channel for honest reviews its different from those paid ones like mensxp(after watching love ajkal review)

  • Nitika Dhawan
    Nitika Dhawan

    Her acting is cringy. She’s trying too hard

  • Rajat Mitra
    Rajat Mitra

    Do not agree with you Anmol. Sara was good in the role. Mind you I am not a fan of her. Just saw the film today and giving my 2 cents.

  • Mangesh Devraj
    Mangesh Devraj

    '96 movie ki review ?

  • Arundhati Bhattacharjee
    Arundhati Bhattacharjee

    So your name is Anmol.

  • Sho Guha
    Sho Guha

    Who does not watch these substandard Bollywood movies and wastes their money, hit like. The TV actors are much better and talented, and I subscribe to OTT platforms that have King superstar like Barun Sobti's shows,...Barun is talented, Super good looking and has personality too, all in one, these bollywood star kids don't match up in comparison, so I don't even waste my money any more. Tried and Refused Productions, how come you don't review good shows like, Derma, The Great Indian dysfunctional family etc. Are you not aware there is a huge pool of talent in India, that is not called Bollywood?

  • Dolly Asad
    Dolly Asad

    When you promote a film too much it’s mean the film is not good

  • Dolly Asad
    Dolly Asad

    Flooped movie please don’t watch

  • Avinash Ambekar
    Avinash Ambekar

    Wrote my 1st ever proper movie review as a first post on my new blog, do give it a read if possible

  • Praveen Sukabrahmam
    Praveen Sukabrahmam

    About what you said in the ending... Unfortunately he did try to say something unique in tamasha.... We as the audience failed him.... Hence he did what any person who wants to be in the big leagues would do.... Use the successful formula they established and make it a cliche.....


    This what happens when both overrated actors collaborate with one underrated director, the hype is too high they get excited nd fail to please audience

  • Esther Lyan
    Esther Lyan

    Movie expectation level 100%, in reality 10%👎

  • Harjinder Singh
    Harjinder Singh

    honestly i loved the film

  • Praveen Hingorani
    Praveen Hingorani

    Hi Anmol..I have been following your reviews since almost a year and usually find then unbiased...I went to watch this film as had already booked tickets and was expecting it to be a terrible..I agree with most of what you have mentioned especially Sara Ali Khan's close-up emotional scenes were terrible...and Kartik Aryan was good along with Arushi and Randeep...however the film is not as bad as the reviews are made out to be..Imtiaz Ali pics have always been about dysfunctional people, families and relationships and soul searching as many have commented...look around you and you will find many kids like this...stuck and was well portrayed and Kartik has done very well considering he has always been takes a lot of effort to make a movie..agree the film is flawed but that was the beauty of it..once you get it you love I'm aware that many won't get this but I guess I have my opinion

  • anonymous

    Please review filmfare award 2020

  • Kaushik Garigipathi
    Kaushik Garigipathi

    I just watched the movie my line of understanding is 90's Kartik lost his personal character and hence he refused to live with his girl, 2020 Kartik only possess character to hold his love when she is psychopathic with her mothers influences and wavered mindset.

  • Pooja Sitaula
    Pooja Sitaula

    To be honest alia , ranbir are only kid with good acting skill other all are simply overactor like varun , shadhara who looks great in songs and trailer but have done overacting in each movie same is for sara who is simply overated with no acting skills but yes do have overacting skill

  • Gouri Pareek
    Gouri Pareek

    If u want to earn 💰 500 to 1k daily then contact me 🤑🤑🤑

  • Sunidhi Srivastava
    Sunidhi Srivastava

    I hate Sara ali khan as an actor

  • Bisnu Thapa Rana
    Bisnu Thapa Rana

    Superhit film n best cute cupple sartik

  • Sandhya Jalan
    Sandhya Jalan

    Overacting ke dukan hai ye...yad hai isne kya kaha tha ke isko simba me lene ke liye bas ek bar rohit sir se request karne parte hai...wa..ise kahte hai nepotism nepotism..ise kahte hai nepotism nepotism

  • Prabhdeep Kaur
    Prabhdeep Kaur

    When Jai confronts Meera on her wedding day, his heart filled with volcanic emotions and suddenly realising that they went too far with "no feelings" agenda in addition with ye dooriyaa in the backdrop is still as sad as it was in 2009.

  • F M
    F M

    What was the point of making the same film again after 10yrs? Bollywood running out of original films? Oh wait...when did they actually begin making original films?!

  • Megha Mishra
    Megha Mishra

    How do you explain everything so convincingly!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Sharmistha Sengupta
    Sharmistha Sengupta

    Badshah said in coffee with karan that kartik is overrated...seeing it coming true well😅

  • Stephen Hunt
    Stephen Hunt

    This happens when we over-rate an actor/actress just on the basis of their interview giving skills and not acting😬 We should judge her for acting skills first not interviews.

  • Subiya Siddiqui
    Subiya Siddiqui

    Super hit

  • Two Indian Men
    Two Indian Men

    Can you remove the intro? I don’t think we need spend 10 seconds watching it for your every video

  • Deepa Lall
    Deepa Lall

    Imtiaz Ali's most forgettable movie till date is still Jab Harry Met Sejal and I am saying this after watching Love Aaj Kal 2 which wasn't flawless but still bearable in comparison to JHMS.And the few things that made LAK 2 bearable was MUSIC! All thanks to the very talented lyricist,music composer and singers.They tried their best to put soul into this movie with soulless performances.Sara was unbearable.She ruined a lot of scenes for Kartik who was above average.He was performing better with the new girl and frankly that love story touched my heart.Randeep Hooda deserves much better.He was fantastic in the last story telling scene.He actually made me cry.Shayad and Mehramaa song stirred so many emotions in me and took me to the past when I watched Love Aaj Kal with my ex in 2008.This movie could have been SO much better if the actors would have immersed themselves into the characters like Ranbir did in Rockstar and Alia did in Highway.I got the message Imtiaz was trying to convey,but the actors failed him particularly Sara.I hope she takes all this criticism in her stride and works on honing her craft.I am still an Imtiaz Ali fan because he kind of exposes everyone's masks,brings out everyone's insecurities,touches the sore spots and exposes the vulnerability.I wish his actors understood the complexity of the characters they were given.

  • thefunkyone247

    #amritasinghversion2.0 NO baba ‼️

  • ankit4472

    The movie is a masterpiece if you minus Sara ... She has tried well but failed drastically...🙂

  • Pranav Tated
    Pranav Tated

    Truth is Bollywood doesn't deserve such films. And brother believe me after 4 -5 years you will regret for your verdict.

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine

    Please 🙏🏻, learn how to not be monotonous while you speak. Even if you're reading from a script, please make it interesting.

  • lavanya nouduri
    lavanya nouduri

    Sara truly disappointed.

  • Alok Pisal
    Alok Pisal

    Delhi f*ck boy.....what does that term mean?

  • The Lone Rhymer
    The Lone Rhymer

    Intiaz Ali is the most over rated director.

  • Purvi Jain
    Purvi Jain

    Relax it's just Sara's 3rd movie

  • Unlucky

    Thumbnail sara is scary though 🤣

  • Fready K
    Fready K

    Imtiyaz screen play in all his movies is quite confusing except in Jab we met... it's is only simple movie which can be understood by masses...

  • tamim adam
    tamim adam

    I wish India wins the Oscar next year as a fan I know the movie industry has much more than that

    • tamim adam
      tamim adam

      @Pritish Gandhi Deep in my heart I know it's going to happen it's only a matter of time

    • Pritish Gandhi
      Pritish Gandhi

      Yeah even I wonder. Bollywood is a billion dollar industry second just to Hollywood. But it only manages to produce such hot garbage. I mean we have the resources and the talent. What's stopping us? Ourselves maybe. The question now is whether we have our versions of Nolans, Scorseses, Tarantino's or Bong Joon Hos. We can definitely learn from the Koreans. They are a masterclass in filmmaking. Probably in some instances even better than Hollywood

  • Prateek Bhardwaj
    Prateek Bhardwaj

    The Album, with some great scenes, way much better than any Kartik's movie, and I promised myself to watch Kartik in cinema by this movie only. It was a good decision.

  • Prateek Bhardwaj
    Prateek Bhardwaj

    Anmol big disappointment this time, I watch your reviews and analysis from a very long time like very long, and in this movie except Sara performance, everything was fit n fine, Pritam Irshad and Imtiaz sir trio, best and back with depth of emotions, harry sejal is an total EXCEPTION, every shot Imtiaz's movie shows is a treat, as somehow he experienced it, in this that TRAIN scene❤️, the Club scene❤️, the depth in Kartik's character in 2020's role. So Anmol may be after sometime, you analysing love aaj kal 2020 like Tamasha, will not be a big surprise for me..

  • Prateek Bhardwaj
    Prateek Bhardwaj

    SPOILER** when Randeep's story was not in a good climax like Imtiaz do, I was shocked.. but I am more happy i didn't watched your review before watching movie, you already told everyone its MESS, its MESS, so while watching movie, everyone will be hopeless, AND THAT IS THE MAIN TWIST, improve that man.

  • Chris McCormack
    Chris McCormack

    Most Relationships in India are still based on Arranged Marriage System and yet the way Sara Khan says "You refuse to sleep with me" implies that it's some kind of norm in this peice of shit country.

  • 103 Creations
    103 Creations

    I loved the movie. I am going for a 2nd show. I feel you either "love" an Imtiaz Ali movie or you "hate" it. There's no in between. Yes there are some flaws here and there but that's actually quite ok since we are all in a time where good movies are hardly being made. Also, I have seen girls like Zoey. As in girls who react that way to things and emotions. It actually felt very natural to me other than the part "tum mujhe tang karne lage ho" . That's it . But loved your analysis as usual. Kudos.

  • Debasmita Bhadra
    Debasmita Bhadra

    I just saw the movie yesterday and felt the same as you told

  • Anush UP
    Anush UP

    Watch Assassination classroom an anime series and make a review

  • Moni K
    Moni K

    pls start making some videos in Urdu or hindi as well.overall video is v good 👌❤

  • Abd Mo
    Abd Mo

    All new movies are suck. We always remember the old songs and actors and their work on acting. But today no acting,no music no good actor.

  • Sadia Khan
    Sadia Khan

    Great Review... but we can’t compare those two movies... the sequel has to be different otherwise what’s the point of making the 2nd one. I like the movie as it talks about how complicated love and relationships are and its hard to balance love, relationship and career. Our wants are getting bigger than our compromises and with time people values change and they perceive love as “sex” good company” and dont want to give their 100% ... but at the end the message was “ do not overthink” and take your chances with love and embrace it rather than doubt it. I think the story is brilliant !

  • Sammy frm mimami tiktocker
    Sammy frm mimami tiktocker

    Only thing i feel sad for movie analyze is that they have to through movie like, kalank, panipat,Student of the year2 just for sake of review for us thats huge sacrifices👏

  • pecric ricpec
    pecric ricpec

    lauda lassan aaj kal

  • Subhash Khatri
    Subhash Khatri

    Irony was when bebo asked Sara that you are doing a movie your father did 11 years back do you feel any pressure...Sara replied she doesn't believe it's a remake . Period 😂 Sara has lost her mind I realized that moment..Sara is smart but now trying to be over smart...

  • Subhash Khatri
    Subhash Khatri

    Sara off lately has shown a very irritating attitude and annoying faces in all her interviews..even she showed attitude to kareena of her own show ..Sara annoyed even in the movie

    • Pritish Gandhi
      Pritish Gandhi

      So you didn't like the movie just because of her "annoying faces and attitude"? That is kind of a narrow-minded outlook

  • Baked potato
    Baked potato

    Correct me if im wrong. This damn pair was created just because Sara claimed to like him in the India's greatest show Koffee with Karan right? I mean Bollywood acts according to whims and fancies of Star kids. Wow.