Love Aaj Kal 2 First Show Review | Kartik Aaryan, Sara Ali Khan, Imtiaz Ali
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  • Jay Kumar
    Jay Kumar

    8 :00 daru pi ki aaya h lagta

  • Suyash Kashyap
    Suyash Kashyap

    Start wale couples ab movie bnaynge

    • Suyash Kashyap
      Suyash Kashyap


  • kaushal sisodya
    kaushal sisodya

    first wale chutiya long <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="31">0:31</a>"we are married is because of him??" WTF?? I loved the story don't know why they keep saying imtiaz Ali and complicated etc. .. however story of this movie is relatable of no strings attached further maybe these rubbish people are too old to understand the story

  • Nilimahjp Nilimahjp
    Nilimahjp Nilimahjp

    Ananya is better actor than sara

  • Nilimahjp Nilimahjp
    Nilimahjp Nilimahjp

    Aarushi did the best

  • random chick
    random chick

    Why are you asking the aunties about the review when you clearly know that they won’t like the today’s generations reality of love !!! You guys suck

  • Buzz me
    Buzz me

    In star kids ka koi faayeda nahi hai.....they should have taken non star kids

  • Bharat Gulia
    Bharat Gulia

    Agar pehle review Dekh leta ye movie kabi ni dekhta m isko

  • Divya Tanha
    Divya Tanha

    I guess in Kapil sharma show Karthik told that "Arushi is surprise package for the movie,,that's why we aren't taking her in any promotion" You told right,,,, cause except her Sara was disaster in the wholr movie

  • Sehej Kharbanda
    Sehej Kharbanda

    Start appreciating. Loveaajkal2 itself is a beautiful story with a new concept of how the present scenario is. I truly praise Sara and Karthik for their acting and of course they've played their roles very well. And it's always a hands up for Imtiaz Ali Khan. Thankyou.

    • random chick
      random chick

      Sehej Kharbanda thanks

  • Sunil Viswakarma
    Sunil Viswakarma

    First couple ko critics banna chahiye bahut achi samajh he enhe movies ki

  • Nelo K
    Nelo K

    The woman in the beginning nailed it. Everything I had in my heart, she said so well.

  • Lakhan Chandravanshi
    Lakhan Chandravanshi

    To dekhne hi kahe gaye the jab dekhne ke bad galiya de rahe ho

  • Pradyum Agarwal
    Pradyum Agarwal

    Mere bhai or behen aap dono milke bana lo film ! 😂 Inko itna knowledge hai inko , writer , director , actor har chiz se problem hai. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • V T
    V T

    Directors blaming modi to change the mindset of people about love aaj kal as people are getting more close to their cultural values and what actually love means in people life.

  • Ramandeep Singh
    Ramandeep Singh

    Tamasha and love aj-kal dono ko jodd ke movie bana di... Mashup 😂😂

  • Saddam Hussain
    Saddam Hussain

    Ky baat ha

  • Deepika Raj
    Deepika Raj

    Good review 👌

  • Kushal Subba
    Kushal Subba

    How cute couples

  • Sadein Shah
    Sadein Shah


  • thug life
    thug life

    l think Nepali movie are far better than this movie after watching this movie.

  • Suchit H
    Suchit H

    I really was not knowing that there are people who take films so seriously and waste so much energy and time on that.

  • 9a42k

    Last Couple ko paise to ni khila diye 🤣

  • Hilal Khan
    Hilal Khan

    1 one wants to cry

  • Susmita Subba
    Susmita Subba

    I feel movie is not that bad for me

  • Praveen Patharia
    Praveen Patharia

    Itni bakwass film hain toh jarror dekhna padega

  • satvik maheshwari
    satvik maheshwari

    Before anything , how the video is published on 13 Feb?? While the movie was released on 14 feb

  • Damodar shirodkar
    Damodar shirodkar

    Shubh Mangal will yield zyada returns

  • fun fact
    fun fact

    Ye dekh k muze bahot acha laga k mene Jo story likhi he is se bahot bahot jyada better he 😂

  • Sagar Muniyal
    Sagar Muniyal

    First aunty waala couple bahut badiya tha

  • Masud Ahmed babu
    Masud Ahmed babu

    Love aaj kal 2009 is very good movie path 2 Bakwaas movie...

  • Mayank Raj
    Mayank Raj

    Agr mai es movie ka review dekha hota to sach me dekhne nhi jata .. bht hi bekaar movie h total waste of money

  • Dishant Tank
    Dishant Tank

    I was excited about Love Aaj Kal 2. On the other hand, people were interested in Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan. When I heard those 2 being in an Imtiaz Ali film especially Kartik, I just knew something was wrong.

  • Siddharth Sangani
    Siddharth Sangani

    Pichli saal ka Valentine "Gully Boy"Nain Itna Dhamaakedaar Banwaaya Wesa Maza Iss Film Mein Hain Hi Nahi

  • Rimzim Manta
    Rimzim Manta

    Ja Jake khud film bana le tab dekhte he 😹😹

  • kinjal janbandhu
    kinjal janbandhu

    Ye Phla couple kon Hai bhai... 😂 itna bhi mat socha kro Yrr 😜 Aj Kal Ki film Hai. Youth jao dekhne... 😆

  • Backup Fordata
    Backup Fordata

    Pls someone tell me is it worth watching this movie ?? I'll be paying in canadian dollars (might be laid off next week too). I need a break badly but cant afford to waste money. Malang or love aaj kal?

    • kelly larson
      kelly larson

      Watch malang. Not that great but definitely a one time watch. But love aaj kal is a headache.

  • Rocket Gaming
    Rocket Gaming

    Ye public chutiya hai as a Writer I found this film very close to real life ...I know it's complex to understand for these chutiya log .But if you have deep experience about the life (when we were in relation) you will find attached .

  • Bhavna Corner
    Bhavna Corner

    Movie was not worth watching. Embarrassing to watch with your children and elderly members of your family. Lag raha tha ki script living room mein likh kar banayi hai....casual dialogues. There was no need for exposure which didn't justify the scene

  • Sachin Ghai
    Sachin Ghai

    Hurt Imtiyaz Bhai Boriya bistar Kuch karo accha nahii to log puchegge Kya Kar rahe ho ajj kaal

  • Akshit Minecraft king
    Akshit Minecraft king

    When that husband and wife said kartik aaryan is not good at acting I was like😡(he is one of my favourites)

  • rohit khanna
    rohit khanna

    The day I heard that iconic love aaj kal is getting it's sequel with Kartik and Sara I literally laughed. Same starcast should be there. Still in this age saif looks so perfect in roles like a confused man . Kaartik is falling down when it comes to choose a script. His next is bhul bhulaiyaa 2 and mark my words again it's a flop..


    Saif love aaj kal trailer is better then sara love aaj kal full movie

  • Jayant Golani
    Jayant Golani

    Aarushi is the Show Stealer in this Movie 👍👍

  • Ansh Mobile
    Ansh Mobile

    Bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Akash Sinha
    Akash Sinha

    Movie ka review liya bhi to kisse middle aged people se.. Youth se bhi to lo.. Ye unse zyada relate hoga

  • Shishir

    दो तरह का होता है एक आदमी होता है और एक आदमी होना चाहता है और आखिरी में होता वही है जो आदमी होना चाहता है यह आदमी इम्तियाज़ अली मेरे को मार डालेगा क्यों यह संसार का बेस्ट निर्देशक है क्यों आज मेरे को आफिस में हज़ारों काम थे और सारे काम छोड़कर में यह मूवी फर्स्ट डे फर्स्ट शो देखने आए क्यों और इसका जबाब भी सबसे लास्ट के डायलाग में यह आदमी दे जाता है कि "पता है कि आगे कुआं है खाई है, आगे जाना सही नही है लेकिन हम आगे जाते है क्योंकि हमारा दिल कहता है" अगर एक्टिंग की बात करु तो सारा इंटेंस सीन्स में भी लाउड है, कार्तिक बस प्यार का पंचनामा सीरीज में ही अच्छे लग सकते है, आरुषि ने debue के हिसाब से ठीक एक्टिंग की है और रणवीर हुड्डा classic है लेकिन इन सब चीजों पे भारी पड़ता है प्रीतम का संगीत और background music जो सबकी एक्टिंग संभाल लेता है इरशाद कामिल साहेब बहुत सरल भाषा में लिखते है लेकिन लिखने का example देखिये "क्यों भीड़ में तन्हा हुई में,खामोश हु लेकिन तन्हा हुन में" बेहतरीन लेकिन मास्टर आदमी सिर्फ इम्तियाज़ ही है इम्तियाज़ अली U once again rocked

  • Lakshay Bhardwaj
    Lakshay Bhardwaj

    Aunty itne gussse m .......hawww apka jb Scene bn gya uncle se toh chorro .... ab imtiaz Kya krega jitni movies chlni thi...chl gyi...

  • Deepak Sharma
    Deepak Sharma

    floop aaj kal

  • Deep D
    Deep D

    Boy and girl frame in first looks to me as brother sister but they said husband wife

  • vinodkumar barma
    vinodkumar barma

    Tanhahji blockbuster movie

  • vinodkumar barma
    vinodkumar barma


  • Bruce William
    Bruce William

    Kartik is so overrated

  • Pratik

    Tum mujhe tang kar rahe ho

  • Murchana Buragohain
    Murchana Buragohain

    Thnx for d first couple

  • Rehan khan
    Rehan khan

    Ik dam ghatya movie hn

  • Mannu roy
    Mannu roy

    Iss movi ne bhut heart kiya h .. Iske bad se sara kartik ..movi dekhne ke liy ..10 bar sochna hoga

  • ajinkya tathe
    ajinkya tathe

    Movie is such a torture for people... Please don't watch

  • Rachana Gandhi
    Rachana Gandhi

    Worst movie don’t watch it

  • Pooja Semta Sharma
    Pooja Semta Sharma

    Result of nepotism...👉It happens when you try to overshadow someone... In every promotion Sara and Kartik didnt take Aarushi Sharma with them... Still Aarushi rocks... Karma

  • ritik tripathi
    ritik tripathi

    1st couple was an ideal my day..👌👌❤

  • aashish sharma
    aashish sharma

    Hats off to that first couple review. They said my words what I feel for this movie . I waste my money and time yaar ok Gaye toh Gaye but itni bakwaas and ghatiya movie imtiaz u disappointing ur fan again after Harry met sejal and taking granted ur fan And yes kartik is limited actor he is try to copy Ranbir Kapoor but failed totally failed he is bad actor and lives in pyaar ka punchnama movie time . grow up man and plz accept ur bad actor .and yes Sara ali Khan Kya kehna uska over acting ki dukaan hai woh Plz guys save ur money and stay away from this disaster movie

  • vineeta prasad
    vineeta prasad

    Kaha kaha see log aajate hai apna Paisa waste karne worst movie of decade after kalank

  • Monika Talukdar
    Monika Talukdar

    Kiya karu mere friends bol rahe heh Kal dekne ke liya Meh Kiya karu

    • Prianka Khan
      Prianka Khan

      Mat jaw

  • Avni Mishra
    Avni Mishra

    kartik and sara got carried away i feel.. instead of focusiing on publicity and their shipping.. they must focus on acting more. first they are actors after that they are sartik.

  • Avni Mishra
    Avni Mishra

    First couple is so good

  • jacob abraham
    jacob abraham

    Thank u for saving my money

  • Qool Menn Dud
    Qool Menn Dud

    Ye dono ladies sister lagti hai..Paid reviews F O

  • Qool Menn Dud
    Qool Menn Dud

    Go and watch the movie is better then ignoring by listening them

  • Qool Menn Dud
    Qool Menn Dud

    Paid reviews only .....Don't watch this..

  • Pragya Cute
    Pragya Cute

    Itni buri ho nhi skti yaar

  • dhruvin mehta
    dhruvin mehta

    This review should be watched by @Imtiaz ali

  • Mohammed Akbar
    Mohammed Akbar

    1st couple valentine mana ne aye the sab barbad hogaya isliye itna gussa😀😀😀💥💥💥😡😡😡

  • Zainab Al Moosawi
    Zainab Al Moosawi

    Woh end wale couple ne bhaang Pike movie dekha Kya..?? Sara Ali Khan ki acting lajawaab?????

  • Mahika Kashyap
    Mahika Kashyap

    I liked the video coz that first couple. They said everything I had to say for the film and Imtiaz.

  • Roger Mans
    Roger Mans


  • 10K Subscriber's Without Any Video Challenge
    10K Subscriber's Without Any Video Challenge


  • Junaid Parray
    Junaid Parray

    Yeh first wale kon hote hai zero dene wale

  • Ankush Nagpure
    Ankush Nagpure

    First couple are great critics

  • praful khante
    praful khante

    Toatl super duer flop dont go