Harley-Davidson Hot Take: E-Bikes For Kids & LiveWire Specs!
New Stuff From the MoCo:
Harley-Davidson’s been making big moves lately. What does it all mean? And who better than Lemmy to answer that question? From the newest LiveWire specs to the new Electra Glide to e-bikes for kids, Lemmy covers it all. The MoCo’s strategies now will determine its future, and from what Lemmy’s seeing, the Harley-Davidson of tomorrow is bringing everything they’ve got to the world of two wheels.

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  • D. Hunter
    D. Hunter

    Zero is at 157 mpc. That said, their chargers seem to take a helluva lot of time to come back up.

  • gary engman
    gary engman

    Just got the kids bikes at the dealership today I put them together there pretty cool

  • Ivan Rey
    Ivan Rey

    88 miles highway range ... and thats probably at ideal conditions and no gunning it at top speed, so probably more like 60 miles range .... coffee shop and home

  • Jeffrey Cretella
    Jeffrey Cretella

    Sen. Martin Sandoval, a Democrat in Illinois wants to charge all electric vehicle owners a $1000 a year registration fee. 😂😂😂. The hypocrisy of the liberal loonies knows no bounds

  • Lee Law
    Lee Law

    Harleys doing good by branching out. Im glad to see em going for the electric market. Thats a potential gold mine. Especsially the small light market. Alot of people will never consider a motorcycle but then they would consider a light close to bicycle feel electric bike. Bam. U converted a non rider to a rider. Thats awesome. I ride softtails now but i also ride a bicycle for fun and excercise. Id buy that electric mountain bike enduro concept in a second just for fun around town.

  • Something something username
    Something something username

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> is literally an electric 1960's minibike. Which are illegal (unfortunately). They made the laws so you can't use them on road unless it's registered, laid out all the various following laws like drivers license and helmet, to make it look possible, but purposely made it completely impossible to actually register one in the first place. And the lawmakers hatred for mini bikes immediately crossed over into electric land, and they wasted no time adding that those laws also apply to electric versions. In other words, just get an old briggs and stratton mini bike if you really want one, for chump change in comparison.

  • Moosey1789

    The press release about electric ride on toys for 3 year olds seems to be a mismatch for Harley. It's just weird. I suppose it's no weirder than motorized pink Barbie Jeeps and Corvettes but I have always found electric ride on toys insidious. Kids should be pedaling or they will be diabetic by age 12.

  • Sean L
    Sean L


  • Grendel Prime
    Grendel Prime

    While they're at it, HD could really look at adjusting the prices on their chinese sweatshop made clothing. I'll happily pay $75 for a button up HD shirt made in America. You want cheap outsourced manufacturing to carry your brand? Price it accordingly, the name is tarnished, no longer considered "Cool". In fact as much as I love my HD bikes, I've been phasing out all my HD branded clothing because I think I look like an idiot with the name slapped all over nearly everything I wear.

  • Grendel Prime
    Grendel Prime

    I love the idea of the Livewire, I cant wait to ride it, I don't even care about the range since I'd never take that thing too far anyway. I HATE the price and this is where HD Failed. I'd easily buy a RoadGlide special for less than a livewire and that is where they failed. $22k tops. Reprice the bike on release and they will sell.

  • Héctor Cota
    Héctor Cota

    It was time for HD to evolve you can't live in the past

  • Ian Landesman
    Ian Landesman

    The wild blue yonder with the Buell. Haha. I guess I'm atypical with having just bought one!

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz

    A bare bones bagger is the way to go! I care not about fancy screens and all that! Give me abs and thats all i care technology wise! A stripped down glyde would be fantastic

  • Harrison Jacobsen
    Harrison Jacobsen

    Awesome format for a video, very well edited. Can't wait to see the next!

  • ColoradoSports.TV

    If Harley-Davidson has been making a 50cc kids bike for the last 60 years to compete with the Honda 50 most of us started with as kids they wouldn't be in the position they are now trying to attract new riders to the brand. This new kids bike is a no brainer that should have happened decades ago.

  • 2011Kestrel

    While I don't have kids, I'm not sure I'd buy electric bikes for them if I did. Part of the reason for buying bikes for children is so they'll go out and get some exercise. That won't happen on an electric bike, at least until the bike runs out of power and the kid has to push it home (assuming the bikes still have pedals too - most electric kids vehicles I've seen do not). Or more likely, Mommy and/or Daddy will get the exercise carrying the bike back home.

  • blipco5

    Buy your kids an electric bicycle if you want them overweight and out of shape.

  • W.E.N

    If you don't like what Harley Davidson is doing your showing a little short sightedness. These bikes will ensure they will be there in the future.

  • mike hernandez
    mike hernandez

    To all the Harley haters tell that middle class wealth story to FORD, CHEVY, RAM, etc..their pickups go for an average 50k yet still the number one vehicles sold throughout the US ESPECIALLY for the "underpaid" states.

    • mike hernandez
      mike hernandez

      @SpeedasaurusDex you have some fair points but some aren't true or equal to harley buyers. IMO Harleys are just easy to pick on because motorcycles are already a niche. to justify buying them is already a small market but 1.Credit plays a big role with both considering most harley buyers/truck owners make less than 100k a year, 2. the practicality usage ratio of people who own trucks is way on the other side of the pendulum, 3.engine harley's are very slow depreciating compared to all other motorcycle, 4.yes the business and company fleet vehicles are an exception but were speaking consumer audience only seeing that they are the ones buying out of pocket "higher trim options", 5. the last point you give is true. unless Harley has a big culture swing in favor of them or they become more tech innovative that is well received, the profit margin will likely keep dipping imo. maybe Harleys future will be the equivalent of Buick or Lincoln, compared to how they used to be more ford/chevy meaning much smaller but still a good sized market still with demand

    • SpeedasaurusDex

      1. They're basically all bought on credit, or leased. 2. They're considered "practical vehicles", as in you can haul people and stuff with them way more effectively than a motorcycle. Motorcycles are considered luxury vehicles in the US, not practical transportation. 3. Trucks are some of the slowest-depreciating new vehicles you can buy. Electric motorcycles are the complete opposite. 4. A huge proportion of those trucks are purchased by businesses or corporations and are used for work purposes. The only organizations in the US that buy motorcycles for work are police forces, as far as I know. 5. Over the next 20 years, as younger generations age with lower wages, higher costs of living, and terrible net worth relative to the Boomers, Harley-Davidson's current target market will continue to die off or quit riding. Harley can't keep relying on sales of big touring bikes when your average millennial simply won't have the stability to drop $25k on a motorcycle in 20 years, or any other kind of "luxury" purchase. Harley needs to change their current course. Badly.

  • eric r
    eric r

    $30,000 for only 140mi range maximum, and an undisclosed power rating? uhhh… id rather diy convert a late 90s early 2000s cb500 with a few tesla modules and a 10kw brushless motor/controller combo, im sure I could do that for under 6k

  • Relectric69

    Got 3 grandkids, 1 already riding electric dirtbike. Would definitely buy these for them. And don't care what brands they move up to, just want them riding.

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson

    EV Motorcycles, no thanks and 30k for one that has a 110 range, if you aren’t getting on the throttle hard. EV Motorcycles are fine for the urban hipster, beyond that they are useless

  • Bobby

    This is awesome. I just hope that they are reliable and have charging stations. Pay a monthly fee, and you’re able to swap out the battery at a gas stations. After a couple of years when the price drops and seeing the reviews from others riding it, hopefully it works out.

    • Orbel Alvarado
      Orbel Alvarado

      R2D2 R2D2 this actually a good idea for motorcycle for cross country

  • James Ingram
    James Ingram

    If it were me and I was tasked with saving Harley's bacon I would build a small bike based on a combination of Harley 45 styling and the modern water cooled Harley XG Street engine. Then, like they already do for their big bikes I would offer a wide range of add-ons and up grades. The biggest mistake H-D makes is trying to go modern when their whole marketing position is based on nostalgia.

  • James Ingram
    James Ingram

    Back when manufacturing jobs meant making good money a working man could expect to make a good living, support a wife and kids and have enough left over for a Harley or a boat. Those days are over. H-D saw a huge uptick in sales as the Boomers retired, downsized and used some of their savings to hit the road on a Harley. The next generation is saddled with debt in lesser paying jobs. The first items to feel the pinch are the luxury goods of which Harley is one. I like the Livewire but at 30K it's not going to save the company.

    • Jared

      James Ingram Well said. 100% true.

  • Eric Waciega
    Eric Waciega

    19000 certainly outcompetes Indian but it doesn't neccesarily compete with some of the japanese baggers and tourers. I'm interested to see how sales do in this age where everyone seems to want the absolute best bang for buck.

  • Koty Lee
    Koty Lee

    That electric concept bike that looks like a mountain bike looks like itd be fun as shit to ride around on..... obviously for the road ill keep my dyna but for shits and giggles id get one of those!!

  • wayne miller
    wayne miller

    20k yes,30k no way here in New York where the season is so short!

  • Magellanic SpaceClouds
    Magellanic SpaceClouds

    Sorry, it's really hard for me to get excited about electric motorcycles. The exhaust sound is a big part of riding motorbikes, especially big American V-twins.

  • Becker Inal
    Becker Inal

    Stripped Street Glide with a base price of $20K. HD still lives in the LaLa Land!!!

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check

    Kids don't have money. HD needs a small bike for the masses in developing countries, but hubris is likely going to get them, as usual. 140 miles only in the city, more like maybe 90 miles combined, and it doesn't have charging abilities like say the new Fuell which is supposedly going to be 1/3 the cost and just as capable if not more.

    • Outblade

      They do. It's called the street line which are affordable AF

  • Doug M
    Doug M

    These are TOYS, nothing else, and at $30K.. no way .. Electra Glide Standard is a Road King with a batwing.. They should have called it a RoadKing Special.

  • Craig Kaschan
    Craig Kaschan

    Give me a sports bike any day.

  • Justdad

    Lemmy I think the point you made when you said if the gave you the CEOs job you would not know what to do was a great one. Mid sized and much cheaper bikes was probably a great strategy if implemented in 1990. The current strategies you outlined at this point kinda strike as the same desperation moves Triumph made in the 1970s. The base customers like the old stuff but they are aging out of the market or being priced out. What few new riders coming in could care less about the current base models, kinda sounds like a similar situation as Triumph was in. Harley is in a much better financial position than Triumph was so they have a longer runway but they still need to gain altitude because that runway will eventually run out.

  • Mitch Clyman
    Mitch Clyman

    Kids electric bikes...hmmm...first thing that comes to mind another way to avoid exercise for kids....second over here there have been multiple deaths involving kids on electric bikes so much so that now only kids 16 and older can ride them and they need to take a theory test, helmets required and if they are caught riding under age their drivers license can be delayed by up to 2 years....

  • FXDR-S1000R Eli C.
    FXDR-S1000R Eli C.

    No matter how anyone try’s to Spin it, over 30k for that Bike is Lunacy. Only Yuppie, wannabe Bikers Attorneys and Doctors will wanna $pend for a plug in Toy. That Bike needed to be between 15-20K, Tops

  • ossojonesify

    Buncha nope. Your fan girl is showing.

    • alpenjon

      Your spelling skills are, too xD

  • - jääsh
    - jääsh

    Harley hate is such a meme at this point lol. ORANGE & BLACK BAD AMIRITE. I'm convinced that most of you don't actually hate Harleys, but are trying to fit in with the internet crowd (which is fucking lame to begin with), or are paid shills.

  • Malvina Carabas
    Malvina Carabas

    Cool suspenders !

    • RevZilla

      If they're overalls, are they considered suspenders?

  • Sled dog
    Sled dog

    Harley needs to change with the times to remain a competitive , this I get. The Livewire, I'm sure has it's place. The Electra Glide Std. maybe the best new idea I've seen from them. Doing away completely with the Dynas, I feel was a mistake. There has to be a balance between old school and new, plus something in between. Just my 2 cents.

  • Peter Gruhn
    Peter Gruhn

    I fast charged my car the other day. I hadn't finished washing the windows before it was done... filling the tank. An hour? I can't take that seriously.

    • Orbel Alvarado
      Orbel Alvarado

      Peter Gruhn so you didn’t charge it. Okay

  • CPU UK
    CPU UK

    All the e-bikes, from every manufacturer, are silly money. Liking the glide style, not so much the price ;-)

  • C Ney
    C Ney

    Building on the kids bike idea... why not add a couple pedals for the kids so they get some exercise and regenerate the battery a little. Maybe, remove the motor and batteries completely and just use the pedals to provide forward motion. Lower cost, nothing to catch on fire and never needs charging! Ingenious.

  • Dustin Faulkner
    Dustin Faulkner

    Harley’s BIG problem is price, not that they aren’t making things people want. I have always wanted a HD, but I don’t think I will ever buy one because you can get more bang for your buck from almost every other manufacturer. I have not looked into the Livewire price myself but from the comments it seems as though it’s in the 30k range. I would rather spend half that on a gas engine bike and spend the other 15k on literally anything else. Do you know how long it would take to spend that 15k on gas to break even on what the livewire would cost you. A long fucking time. So that negates the actual purpose of buying that bike in the first place. Plus you have a range restriction. You can always put more gas in your tank whenever. You can’t charge instantly.

  • Bad Azz Machines
    Bad Azz Machines

    Great points Lem The Electra standard is the perfect blank slate. The kids bikes are a brilliant way to get a family in motorcycling as you stated.

  • TrackSol

    Still waiting on a UJM sized and styled Harley that is under 450 pounds and makes 100-150 hp

    • Bredaxe

      Lol, somebody is going to write that on Harley's gravestone.

  • Darling i'm blind
    Darling i'm blind

    Electronic. Cute. 1000 normal.

  • everoblivion2005

    So 30K for the Livewire? When the new Fuell Flow starts at 10K? lol, no thanks. Oh, and Fuell's e-bicycle will be out this year. Also Zero Motorcycles already has bikes that out do the livewire.. for 1/3 to 1/2 the price. Swing and a miss Har(d)ley... again.

    • everoblivion2005

      @Graham Nelson and its *Erik

    • everoblivion2005

      @Graham Nelson this time he's starting out as the CTO not the CEO. With Buell he got canned by an idiot CEO at Harley that had never even ridden a motorcycle, and EBR got stabbed in the back by Hero Motocorp who promised $20mil and only ever delivered $4mil. I have and ride an 1190RX and it's a fantastic motorcycle, one of the only modern bikes without a bunch of overbearing pansy nannies always bugging you. Now he's involved with 2 other individuals that are actually invested in the project, not just viewing it as a side gig. For once it's just the market that will decide Fuell's fate.

    • Graham Nelson
      Graham Nelson

      You really think Eric buell is finally going to have a winner on his hands on his third try? Fuck no. The brand will be gone in a fart in the wind just like EBR

  • Moto Mango
    Moto Mango

    I'm planning on picking the Livewire up. I think other young riders with some extra money will be doing the same.

  • Denny Rogers
    Denny Rogers

    The comment by Lemmy that Harley will be put underground unless they change is bullshit. What Harley really needs to do is go private. De-list and get the hell away from their masters on Wall street. When you sell your soul to the devil don't be surprised when you lose your soul. Harley should go private and just make great bikes. Quality machines will sell.

    • Denny Rogers
      Denny Rogers

      @Dick Johnson spoken like a true share holder

    • Dick Johnson
      Dick Johnson

      What do suggest, more old technology pushrod motors?

  • Peeon the3rdrail
    Peeon the3rdrail

    Whoa whoa whoa, don't you be talking crap about my 1125R, I love that bike.

  • Denny Rogers
    Denny Rogers


  • P Bebnowski
    P Bebnowski

    Bring it down to 20 000 cnd and I'll give you my money

  • BWX

    Everything is overpriced

    • Héctor Cota
      Héctor Cota

      It's harley

  • Rick Pappas
    Rick Pappas

    Just a couple of thoughts: $30K for what can only be thought of as a 0-60 mph in 3 seconds commuter bike? I know, I know....electric motorcycles are in their infancy. But, when this falls on it's butt, the analysts will say: "See...I told you that electric bikes wouldn't sell!". HD may have thought this through better with regard to functionality and price point. The top speed in a city commute is what...30mph? This puts HD's $30K machine into competition with electric bicycles. For recreational riding, this thing would get what...50-60 miles of range? Then an hour to charge? How many people are really going to be happy with one of these? Last thing...the kids bike look like fun, but I want my grand kids out on pedal bikes. They spend enough time in sedentary pursuits.

  • J A
    J A

    Harley can't just coast on flag waving patriotism and Boomers money anymore. For so long, they have ignored R&D, and let other manufacturers get way ahead. Couple that with the ridiculous greed of the shareholders, and you get into this pickle. HD dug it's own grave, now it has to lay down and go night night. 30k for an electric bike? Nope. Maybe they can sell HD branded kids bikes at Walmart after they file chapter 11...

    • Bredaxe

      Should have had Buell come back and pump out his most recent designs. So what if they had Rotax engines, that would mean less labor and material cost for Harley. They would have an entire line that competed with Japanese and Euro bikes. I don't have high hopes for these guys though, any sport bike Harley comes out with now will still be priced ridiculously.

  • Johnny Striple
    Johnny Striple

    So I ride for maybe 140 miles then stop for an hour to recharge. I guess that's ok for commuting to work in town close to you, and if they let you use a recharging station. Someone has to pay for the energy that will be produced by either coal or gas. Now how is this helping the environment.

    • Johnny Striple
      Johnny Striple

      @cbwcjw That's great. Alternative energy is needed to really save the planet.

    • cbwcjw

      Not everywhere. Where I live (western Washington) is around 90% hydro.

  • Mohameat tic toc Kaboom
    Mohameat tic toc Kaboom

    😂 Harley is irrelevant, let alone this bike 😢😂

    • Mohameat tic toc Kaboom
      Mohameat tic toc Kaboom

      Rata 4U wouldn’t want this old man’s bike. Recent bike show, Harley had dance music pumping in their booth with booth girls 😂😂. Trying way too hard to stay relevant, but it’s too late. I spend my cash on adventure bikes. Keep dreaming, maybe one day you’ll own one of these relics. 😢😂

    • Rata 4U
      Rata 4U

      Lots of things are irrelevant to you when you can't afford to pay.

  • okleydokley

    Harley should make another brand with better handling sporty bikes and...oh yeah, they did that.

  • William

    The biggest issue here in NZ at least with HD even though there seem to be a few around, is the poor value for money. The HD is expensive and compared with other brands offer poor value. That doesn't stop the gang and gang wannabe riders from acquiring them but ultimately these types alone are probably not enough to sustain the brand.

  • Joshua De Nunzio
    Joshua De Nunzio

    If the livewire was priced somewhere between 7-10k it would move a ton and give harley back some leverage. 30k? Noone will even walk into the showroom after looking through the window.... pricing the livewire at 30k is worse than if the livewire was never a thought.

  • Jimbo4575

    Only good news is live wire will be the first Harley that’s not too damn loud. The good news range won’t be a issue as most Harley riders only ride between bars.

    • Jimbo4575

      Jeff McGrath agreed. Not a crotch rocket fan.

    • Jeff McGrath
      Jeff McGrath

      Really have you heard what sport bikes sound like recently they sound like angry bees

  • Eddie B.
    Eddie B.

    Leak Battery acid ?

  • Mr. Borjas
    Mr. Borjas

    So many harley haters here.😂

    • Iron 1981
      Iron 1981

      Basically they boil down to "Craigslist" bikers. They do nothing but compare apples to oranges. And complain about it.

  • HFR83


  • Peace Love
    Peace Love

    'State of the Industry.' I think that's a good category name, a good series name to use repeatedly.

  • A

    Anyone who says $30k is worth it for that bike? needs a good reality check! That is a damn downpayment on a house... Harley is charging you for fucking air these days... mostly old people will buy that crap blowing through their retirement funds...The median income in the U.S. is about $60k I wonder whose is gonna cough up that kind of money... for an ELECTRIC bike...

  • Milk Man
    Milk Man

    What I find interesting is the main complaint is the sky high price on the live wire . Makes ya wonder if they are going to hold firm on it.

    • Bredaxe

      If Harley was really smart about the electric motorcycle game, they would have saved all that money and time wasted they spent on R&D, and just made a viable offer on Zero. What's more likely to happen with the LiveWire is that it will end up at a used sales lot with the large number of overly depreciated Harley models already in the lots. Used LiveWires will end up out selling new units.

    • joetca

      They will hold firm, complain no one is buying it, and then take the livewire out back behind the shed after 3 years.

    • Rob Stop It
      Rob Stop It

      @okleydokley No doubt about it. The only reason they're not doing well is because they expect an increase in profits year after year. If they don't put more money in their pockets they cry poverty. Seriously, if they're hurting so bad let's see the CEO pay increase, including profit sharing and bonuses for the last 5 years. Then tell me again why the MoCo is hurting.

    • okleydokley

      All Harleys are over-priced. They literally have the highest profit margin in the industry, in all countries.

    • Rob Stop It
      Rob Stop It

      Wait a year and buy one on clearance. Then again... what's the shelf life on a dormant battery?

  • J Inxon
    J Inxon

    I think the only time a new rider has gone into an HD dealership, was to check if someone recently traded in a yamaha, honda or kawasaki.

  • Jeff Ruebens
    Jeff Ruebens

    As usual, Japanese or South Korean electrics are cheaper and likely better, and Chinese electrics are much cheaper if you are willing to gamble with the reliability. For touring, the Yamaha Tracer 900GT is said to be amazing for its light weight, comfort and price. Harleys are more about traditional looks for people willing to pay extra for American ownership of the company and some of the factory workers. Harleys have a lot of foreign parts - many are about 50% foreign parts, especially the brakes, suspensions, and electronics. The older ones often have Japanese carbs, that some owners replaced for less reliable Murican Made because they were stupid nationalists. The V-Rods are closer to 70% foreign parts, including engine parts built in Germany.

  • Go Le
    Go Le

    Hope they sell those bikes at Walmart

  • ItsVash

    Nice Harley commercial. Now for what they won't tell you. It's overpriced by $15000 bucks over production cost. Harley ignores the common worker. And I don't mean overpaid California and New York which are disconnected from more other States of the union financially. Harley is no longer for rebels it's for upper middle class wealth.

    • Steve Lawrie
      Steve Lawrie

      Don't think Lemmy actually works for Harley. He's a bit of a fan though.

    • Sierra Nevada
      Sierra Nevada

      So no middle class people work and live in New York or California? Overpaid? Care to explain that? Nice sweeping generalizations... Sounds like you have never left where you were born

    • Outblade

      I got my car paid off and it cost me 30k 5 years ago. With that $400/month payment I am now paying for two Harley's, one new Sportster and a practically new heritage (2010 with less than 10k miles). The constant argument that Harley = expensive is complete bullshit. Yes they do make 40k+ CVO's which are fully loaded base model bikes. But you can still find really nice Harley's for less than 10k. Yes Harley's are more expensive, but not to the degree you claim it to be.

    • Graham Nelson
      Graham Nelson

      Rata 4U a premium price doesn’t mean it’s a premium product. Harley survives off of their brand snobs alone. Harley markets themselves and blue collar bikes for working class people but their prices are retarded considering the poor quality of the bikes. Just because you know someone with more money then sense that actually fell for Harley’s marketing doesn’t mean it’s a fair price.

    • ItsVash

      @Rata 4U Premium as in way over priced? I have good news, this probably will be the first Harley that doesn't leak oil, the livewire lol, cause it ain't got oil. I'm sorry to i! inform you that Harley prices in high CEO and executive pay and large oversized showrooms into the price.

  • Christopher Alter
    Christopher Alter

    Was looking forward to the livewire but 30k nope way to expensive for a toy at least for me

  • George OfTheJungle
    George OfTheJungle

    Really mixed feelings here and admit I’m old school so not a bike for me so here are my thoughts: 1) my 18 yr old kid loves the look as do I but price should be no more than $5 k more than Zero, call it Harley Branding and $22k tops not $30 2) HD needs to look into the future and is testing the waters here, thus we may be ignoring the fact that as their technology matures, prices could dip 3) the fact they are going after ev bicycles says where their heads are at, branding the youngsters and I’m all for that 4) there are plenty of rich out there who will buy these bikes for their grandkids and get the ball rolling on this, if nothing else as a status symbol 5) since the infrastructure to charge long trips is not there yet, this is still pretty much an around town alternative to gas, no shifting gears and bypass traffic mode of transport because the new gen can’t handle being stuck in traffic

    • George OfTheJungle
      George OfTheJungle

      Rata 4U agree hydrogen is the real future just not for a while in cars let alone motorcycles. First trucking, cruise ships, forklifts and other large farming machinery. All will be hybrid with an ev component. That said, think they have some HFC for drones as well and those are not big n heavy. Kia and Toyota have HFC but struggle is HY refueling.

    • Rata 4U
      Rata 4U

      R&D ain't cheap, mate. Millions of dollars are sunk into it. Honda remains stale on much of their products for the same reason....they aren't gonna allow money to bleed out. EV isn't going to be around forever since hydrogen is going to take the world by storm. This bike is simply a collector serving as a footnote in Harley's history museum.

  • Jool

    Harley reveals are like school shootings : It’s terrible every time it happens, but were all used to it. -- They have yet to come out with a bike that wows me in performance, price, components and value for dollar. I’m so excited to see them fuck up the Pan America in all of those areas. Let’s be real its not going to beat KTM or BMW and it will be more expensive. I may eat my words and I hope I do but if you follow the HD pattern then you’ll already know the outcome. 30k Live wire - FAIL 22k soft tails - FAIL $800.00 for Non standard ABS - FAIL 20k bikes with no ABS as standard - FAIL. HD doesn’t care about you. Stop caring about them.

  • Doug mcgilbra
    Doug mcgilbra

    Agree Lem, looking like a company thinking outside the box, and getting back to their roots with bicycles. Like the Livewire for back and forth to work, but like everyone else the cost is 10G to much.

  • Vita Vegeta
    Vita Vegeta

    Lemmy for president

  • Robert P
    Robert P

    The "stripped down" Electra Glide is $18999 and only $290 less than the previously cheapest Harley touring motorcycle. It's not keeping prices down. It's making them look like a bargain since it's only a bargain when compared to the $24k model. If they made me the CEO I would slash prices across the board and start a more inclusive and friendly marketing campaign. I would use a separate brand that wasn't Buell, since their reputation has been ruined by their multiple bankruptcy's, to sell more modern, but still American motorcycles. I would collaborate with other manufacturers and custom makers to sell high spec models that are worth the high price and low spec models that are good value while being a lot of fun. I would move away from their BS marketing where they basically lie about their motorcycles performance or quality and use quality components in every motorcycle from the $9k entry model all the way up to the most high end touring monsters. I would hire people who have worked or do work at Ducati, BMW, and Triumph or buy them outright and let them run their business just as they have since they've been doing so well. If Harley wants to sell Electric motorcycles they need to put their styling and badge on a Zero motorcycle and sell them for only a slight premium. I would buy Zero motorcycles.

    • Trips My Trigger
      Trips My Trigger


    • Peeon the3rdrail
      Peeon the3rdrail

      Well you're not CEO, so your opinion is irrelevant. Thanks for playing.

  • Big John in VA
    Big John in VA

    Price, price, price. Lowering the prices on ALL Harley gear will increase sales. I would put more Harley parts on my Road King if they were less expensive and had the same performance as for example Vance & Hines.