Gameplay of New Operators Oryx and Iana + Oregon Rework!
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Vertical➔ 5
Horizontal➔ 5
ADS➔ 50
DPI➔ 1600
Multiplier➔ Default (0.02)
Resolution➔ 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio➔ 4:3
Refresh Rate➔ 144
FOV➔ 90
Texture Quality➔ Low
Texture Filtering➔ Linear
LOD Quality➔ Low
Shading Quality➔ Low
Shadow Quality➔ Medium
Reflection Quality➔ Low
Ambient Occlusion➔ OFF
Lens Effect➔ OFF
Zoom-In Depth of Field➔ OFF
Anti-Aliasing➔ OFF
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  • thaqil

    Coming to Test Server February 17th

    • lomhow1234

      Dude when he said "Psst dont tell anyone" I literally slammed my fist onto my dining room table in a drunk fit of rage and yelled "IM GOING TO TELL EVERYONE" and I really hurt my hand. Please ask me when I'm sober if my pinky is ok. I only made it 9 seconds into the MRsofts video before injuring myself, why am I like this.

    • Reyhan Nirwasita
      Reyhan Nirwasita

      Thaqil can you get information for next operator in year 5 season 2 rumor ?. Maybe there is operator with gadget optical camouflage invinsibility ?.

    • Alan Farkas
      Alan Farkas

      I thot is was coming in 7 of March

    • Purple_ _Squad157
      Purple_ _Squad157

      @Stryll3x It would make alibi too good. Ubi has stated that alibi's holograms will never look like her for balancing reasons. Alibi is in a perfect spot right now, she is one of the most balanced ops in the game.

    • Theodor Zota
      Theodor Zota

      And live a week later most likely, on the 24th

  • Mustafa Firas
    Mustafa Firas

    Is the acog removed from the mp5

  • Roxana Alfaro
    Roxana Alfaro

    I swear iana looks like near from fucking death note

  • Marine Warrior
    Marine Warrior

    Alibi : right that down right that down

  • Shane Gargan
    Shane Gargan

    I feel like oryx is more of an attacker

  • Cornie Vlogs
    Cornie Vlogs

    Its Lana, no iana

  • Khramnoy Thuy
    Khramnoy Thuy

    We want new guns how hard can it be 😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Skylar durrant
    Skylar durrant

    At this point there not even trying to make realign special operations forces they could do something better like adding more weapons to the game that everyone can use but you know they don’t like variety of guns for a character

  • Dawn Razor
    Dawn Razor

    I miss the old rainbow six games

  • Wild Card4732
    Wild Card4732

    Who else is thinking of the Gorillas from METRO though when he climbs

  • Wild Card4732
    Wild Card4732

    The kool aid guy is here

  • Idris Corvus
    Idris Corvus

    Everybody gangsta until the wall and hatch speaks Jordanian

  • GNK Power Droid
    GNK Power Droid

    By the way, Montagne's name is pronounced "Mon-TAH-knee".

  • That Bruins Kid
    That Bruins Kid

    imagine literally just taking the video that ubisoft release and stealing it for your own channel and revenue's, absolutely disgusting.

    • Turb0

      That Bruins Kid you are stupid, it isn’t monetised and it’s a r6 news channel get a grip weirdo

  • Potato

    Mirage here to save the day... Oh wait wrong game

  • Raptor Maverick
    Raptor Maverick

    Still waiting on an operator that can use the boomba (claymore roomba)

  • A MMOD
    A MMOD

    Oryx left Destiny to go to Rainbow 6 siege.

  • Not a Panther
    Not a Panther

    The Taken King has returned once more to this relm

  • mason mase
    mason mase

    Can anyone help me get the game on ps4 since it's 10$

  • EPIC MRNUTT808 gt
    EPIC MRNUTT808 gt

    Jackle iana clash echo

  • Willy On The Wheelchair
    Willy On The Wheelchair

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> WHOA WHOA WHOA

  • I am PsychoPath
    I am PsychoPath

    Im buying iana 100% lmao

  • Techno RandomUser
    Techno RandomUser

    ok now i will quit siege

  • Mataco70

    They just made the basement more hard lol


    *I will continued clear the path with Lord tachanka*

  • Roblox Master
    Roblox Master

    Can the oryx hit his own teammates shield??

  • AtomicOxygen CF
    AtomicOxygen CF

    Finnaly a Dutch Operator. Dutchland where we speak The Netherlands

  • Shokrithan.K

    Oryx doesn't feel balanced. Jumping hatches to hatches... shield ops have no counter on 1v1. Monty requires skill n Monty is already nerfed. Should have been like while in full extent the dash will only exposed a bit like against clash. Against blitz fuck him... Let him fall down. And ya why tf will there be proximity mines for defender🤦 n some attackers r nw hard breachers???? Feels like the game is taking away the competitive nature n making it Easy for the avg player base

  • jahbril plays games and stuff
    jahbril plays games and stuff

    Clash,echo,oryx combo?

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan

    Lana Rhoades?

  • sirpoopy

    How much will they cost in renown

  • John Cabrera
    John Cabrera

    I personally don’t think oryx should lose 10 health smashes through a wall I say at least 5 health I mean I’m not a bodybuilder like him but hey behemoth like him losing 10 health for smashing through a 2 cm layer of wood or inch of drywall is ridiculous

  • Krusty Kristan
    Krusty Kristan

    New attacker main

  • oliver harris
    oliver harris

    How is oryx going to work on controller in terms of controls?

  • JeoNoptiC

    sym ?

  • Sauce Daddy
    Sauce Daddy

    Ever since Ela they seem to want the Operators to look progressively more cartoonish

  • Bob Steve
    Bob Steve

    R6 is getting worst worst every time they release new characters. It’s slowly turning me off r6 and is ruining it.

    • ST.PAULI

      Same i quit this game after 1 year now by putting terrible maps in ranked and arabs ruining EU Server its unplayable

  • Pancake Pancake
    Pancake Pancake

    This guy literally just copied and pasted the exact same video as on the the Ubisoft YT channel :|

  • Joey Barrows
    Joey Barrows

    Cloning one is so stupid

  • Akacapgunsam

    Why is koolaid man coming to R6?

  • Zay Residencia
    Zay Residencia

    People may be disappointed about the Oregon rework, but honestly I imagine the Watchtower location on Bomb has no pick rate % It’s always laundromat & kid’s dorm right after

  • Pyrex

    Both of these operators look way too overpowered.

  • TheMachoMuffin

    Once again no new weapons, what a joke

  • bobiboten_ 666
    bobiboten_ 666


  • Master Stackzz
    Master Stackzz

    Finally someone to counter montage

  • Maggot

    Aww man i cant be a cancer cell with monty now when hes in the game :( i guess ima main someone else now

  • Ice Age baby
    Ice Age baby

    Just a little question. How much renown will Oryx and Iana cost?

  • NK GAMING2017
    NK GAMING2017

    Alibi: “I have the hints tec hologram” Lana: “s c r u b”

  • kaugan Pink
    kaugan Pink

    This game is just getting Worse and Worse for every operation

  • : D
    : D

    I’m going to be mad disappointed if they don’t add a kool-aid man outfit for oryx

  • The Cloaker
    The Cloaker

    I might go back to playing siege because of these new ops

  • Julsnipe the cute pyro
    Julsnipe the cute pyro

    Ah yes my favorite character shrek

  • Emmanuel Rodrigue
    Emmanuel Rodrigue

    i played with you when you had 200subs and still have you in my friends list its insane how much you grew i wish you all the best of luck you deserve it with the quiality videos.

  • Omyos

    This guy actually posted a video ubisoft made and got 18 k likes and 600k vieuws

  • Matthew Beattie
    Matthew Beattie

    Oryx, Cav and Clash goon squad tho ;)

  • Matthew Beattie
    Matthew Beattie

    Thank god for the exterior door removal

  • Star boy
    Star boy

    2015: we want realism 2020: yeah fuck that.

  • Emiliano Torres
    Emiliano Torres

    Is it me or oryx looks like a crood

  • justin Coleman
    justin Coleman

    How bout new map and new guns ... not to mention new abilities basically replaces alibi and amaru

  • Roope Niskanen
    Roope Niskanen

    oryx pickrate 120% Iana pickrate -20% they need to make it so you can let a bot control Iana and it will randomly roam or move towards the obj

  • Zach Temoro
    Zach Temoro

    I have an idea for Alibi. Instead of throwable prismas, what if shes able to set her prismas up to her current position? Say for instance you are playing her and you happen to be crouched and peaking a corner. What if you were able to activate her gadget at that moment and it sets her hologram in the exact stance, position, and direction you were just looking? If Iana can have a walking drone, Alibi should be able to change her prismas stance atleast

  • Zach Temoro
    Zach Temoro

    Iana is underwhelming. There is no penalty for shooting her Gemini and it’s basically a larger drone. The thing that makes it somewhat risky shooting prismas is that you will be pinged if you’re wrong, but because this Gemini can’t ping nor scan enemies, it’s actually worse than a drone. There is no reason to pick her up and tricking with her is going to become just as bad as trying to trick people with Alibi; it won’t work 99% of the time

  • Yabeseu 19
    Yabeseu 19

    Dope operators for a reworked map. Ubisoft/siege can do better when it comes to map designs. It would of been dope to see a new map based out in space, with some parts zero gravity. They put so much work into the oops, that they seem to care less about making a new map in general. I hope rainbow continues to make improvements to the game where it is needed. Rainbow six siege isn't rainbow six siege anymore and you can ask the days 1 on that.

  • YummiestShoes

    Dude the attacker is pointless I rather use a drone like tf

  • MMF Xerium
    MMF Xerium


  • Kadako

    This vid blew up hopefully you make that sweet sweet cash you deserve it

  • Falah Falah
    Falah Falah

    Basically a far cry character in r6

  • Basically_Michael

    Rainbow six siege is officially ruined

  • Death Sandwich
    Death Sandwich

    Damn, still no detailed ping system, this would be the ultimate quality of life change for R6S. The game desperately needs it for all the people who don't bother using mic, and there's a lot. I would like to enjoy playing the game even when my friends aren't on to squad up with.

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox

    Damn i didnt know that stealing content is free money

  • 학심

    ㅅㅂ 또 몽타뉴는 저거때문에 죽네

  • Jonny Cash
    Jonny Cash

    Wow now we see exactly that alibi was just a BETA and now its Alpha time, they have done better now, and this as a Attacker *_* and Oryx :D omg i have a hundred nerfs in my head goin on forr him

  • Kubil Táborský
    Kubil Táborský

    im buying both

  • Facundo C
    Facundo C


  • Bamassacre Gaming
    Bamassacre Gaming

    Holy crap they finally released fun to play operators, is this a dream?

  • Jakub Hájek
    Jakub Hájek

    That time i was talking about r6 as realistic Spec ops game is gone, now definetly. I don´t like r6 thanks to these bullshits anymore

  • Alan Norris
    Alan Norris

    Oh so they are fixing the barricade damage model.... like they promised to do like 3 seasons ago... but I guess getting a battle pass system and other non essential shit in game was more important.

  • The_Arize_Way

    Sooooóoo more recycled guns and broken ops and maps people are going to hate........

  • NorthDireWolf

    oh yer i can not see this going well at all bringing these to people will now make the game less real to combat tacts witch is why people liked it

  • Isyraf Iyap
    Isyraf Iyap

    Does anyone knows when y5 season pass will release?

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