Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla जीतने के लिए Deserve करते हैं: Shehnaaz Gill | ABP News Hindi
Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla जीतने के लिए Deserves करते हैं: Shehnaaz Gill
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  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    Sana you are just bcos of Sid else zero

  • Dinesh Raj
    Dinesh Raj

    Sidnazz miss you

  • J J
    J J

    Cause dumb Sana cause

  • Sangita Gouda
    Sangita Gouda

    So cute

  • krishnakant Patidar
    krishnakant Patidar

    Asim is a real hero ......

  • jyoti sharma
    jyoti sharma

    I miss you sidnaaz

  • sarabjit singh
    sarabjit singh

    Our queen win all the hearts. Sidnaaz forever

  • Manpreet Kaur
    Manpreet Kaur

    Sidnaaz best🤗😍😍

  • Manpreet Kaur
    Manpreet Kaur


  • heena mehra
    heena mehra

    Download kare sidnaaz love calculator playstore pe

  • Divya Tiwari
    Divya Tiwari

    Sidharth skula🔥❤sidnaaz🙈

  • Champa Majhi
    Champa Majhi

    sidnaaz miss u

  • Lovepreet Kaur
    Lovepreet Kaur

    Huuu katrinaa 😡

  • eagle .sanskar
    eagle .sanskar

    Sana you are the beast

  • Anand Kumar
    Anand Kumar

    chutiya journalist hai abhi isko apni aukat pta chal gayee. bb13 me jakar bahut bakwas kiya tha isne


    सिद्धार्थ is great person

  • Pooja Rai
    Pooja Rai

    Faltu h ye ladki

  • Aashish Bist
    Aashish Bist

    SidNaaz season!

  • Pinki Kumari Dave
    Pinki Kumari Dave

    SidHearts - please open Instagram account and follow the official account of @realsudharthshukla . Unfortunately SidHearts presence on Instagram is very limited! So it's time to roar on Instagram as well. Please show ur support.

  • Vishal Bhai
    Vishal Bhai

    Jalna wala jal jal ka kala or sidharth bhai ka sala hogaya jalna choodo usthad zindgi ma kuch karna seekho

  • Arvind Singh
    Arvind Singh

    Nice sahnaz

  • Satish Maurya
    Satish Maurya

    Sid winner

  • Jyoti Anika
    Jyoti Anika

    I love you sana ap bhot age jaoge i love u sidnaaz

  • Hoor Ain
    Hoor Ain

    Love u sana

  • Aklesh urao
    Aklesh urao

    Sehnaj acting karti hai real nai aesi nhi hai now don't play sehnaj coz big boos is over

  • Inderjit Kaur
    Inderjit Kaur

    Love you shehnaaj

  • Astar Tar
    Astar Tar

    You are right Miss Gill. Siddharth was the real king.

  • priya jahan
    priya jahan

    sana i miss u.from Bangladesh.

  • Bharat Bhardwaj
    Bharat Bhardwaj

    I miss u big boss plz jaldi aana next time


    Siddharth show me aa jaye to Kya fayda shadi ka sidha usi se kar lungi 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sunita Jagtiani
    Sunita Jagtiani

    Very nice Shilpa bilkul acha hua tumara nam no1 se cut hua Sid ko kuch bolne ka tume koi huk nahi

  • gurpreet singh lovely
    gurpreet singh lovely

    Tu t rkhi sawnt nu v piche chod ge sali kateer

  • gurpreet singh lovely
    gurpreet singh lovely

    Impress kya krna tu te 1 mim ch fs jadi e gasti ede vadi gasti hye oye raba

  • gurpreet singh lovely
    gurpreet singh lovely

    Tenu t lsan shi lgda sirf or kuj nhi phone p porn video vekhni es ne or kuj ne sana tu tyar eee kodi hon nu bus fsoun wals chehe da es d ta

  • gurpreet singh lovely
    gurpreet singh lovely

    Tenu t knowledge aouni v nhi kdi sali nu fudu girl sali gasti

  • gurpreet singh lovely
    gurpreet singh lovely

    No 1 gasti india ke rakhi sawnt ko v piche chod ge ty te

  • gurpreet singh lovely
    gurpreet singh lovely

    Gasti no 1

  • Mrittika Mondal
    Mrittika Mondal

    Love you Sana❤️❤️

  • Lakshay Virat Sankhyan
    Lakshay Virat Sankhyan

    Bs KR overacting Bahar aa gai hai tu

  • SuMnam entertainment ROY
    SuMnam entertainment ROY

    Sehnaz dil k saf. Aachi he. Or beby he

  • Lavesh Kumar
    Lavesh Kumar

    Yeh shehnaz bahanchod badi attention seeker he.. Bakwas show chalu kiya he salo ne... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vishnu Kumar
    Vishnu Kumar

    Only bjp Modi hai to munkin hai

  • Radhika chandrasekaran
    Radhika chandrasekaran

    Yes real winner aarthi..sidarth not fit for win.angry lazy did no work thinking too much of himsel..think he is a boss


    Chal hat nam kharab kar rehi hai

  • Janat Hussain
    Janat Hussain

    Liking ap ki acchi nahi ho

  • pri meena
    pri meena

    Abe iss repoter ko sarm ni ati Hmari sanna ko tank kiya

  • Rakhee Srivastava
    Rakhee Srivastava

    Shehnaz Gill😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Broken Angel
    Broken Angel


  • Deepak thapa
    Deepak thapa

    She is the real one

  • Lilesh Meghwal
    Lilesh Meghwal

    Love you sida

    • Rishabh Singh.
      Rishabh Singh.

      Sida ?

  • Yogesh Bhawaria
    Yogesh Bhawaria

    Acting too kar shik Lee phele

  • Pratik Patil
    Pratik Patil

    All fake bollywood shit - waste of time and internet... go get some life MOFck

  • Avneet Kaur
    Avneet Kaur

    Tenu koi kutta bila vi impress kar de ga... tera level hi ina low aa

  • Soma A
    Soma A

    Sehenaaz is so nice honest girl Luv Sidnaaz best Jodi ❤❤❤

  • Avtar Tiwana
    Avtar Tiwana

    Bhut achi ldki h sna.Chulbali c nd bholi bhali c..Are sale reporter tu kese ruderly behave kr rha h sna k saath. Sale ko interview bhi pyar se nhi krni aati

  • Rajeev Rai
    Rajeev Rai

    I think desh ka sabse bada chutiyapa Show ha bigboss

  • jay ho
    jay ho

    Bigboss इस fake

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan

    sidnaz ki bahot had ATI hai

  • word jadu
    word jadu


  • Inderjeet singh
    Inderjeet singh

    tune jeetna bhi nhi tha nautanki... tujhe sirf isliye rakha tha taaki entertainment hoo bss...

  • sudha bhadouriya
    sudha bhadouriya

    Sidnaaz ka rista kya khelata h please reply this (1) dosti 👫👫👫👫like (2) couple 💏💑💑💑comment

    • malayakumar palei
      malayakumar palei


  • Jain Manari
    Jain Manari

    Firstly, salman i hope you were paid well enough to participate in this biased and garbage show, great job, you have completely ruined your image and I can assure you that people are going to boycott your movies and they will become super flops at the box office, secondly, I just can't believe loser manisha sharma made shukla the winner, I thought she won't risk the reputation of the channel but she did it, shame on her, i honestly feel he knows a very dark secret of her that's why he blackmailed her to make him the winner as we all know the monster has a big ego and cannot accept being defeated, they have truly set a wrong example, anyway I'm happy that tabloids/news channels are talking more about asim being deserving and shukla being a pre-decided winner, that guy is the worst human ever created, I feel bad for all the housemates who had to go through his mocking, harassment, violence and bullying for 4 months and a half, it's really difficult to tolerate such a nasty person, he's literally the worst and most disgusting human I have seen in my life, egoistic, abusive, violent, vulgar, does no housework, doesn't shower, rude, disrespectful, arrogant, aggressive and bossy, friendship to him means slavery, it's his way or the highway, once you disagree with him, go against his wish or tell him your opinion and suggestions he loses it and starts abusing and insulting you, his logic is clear, "we are friends as long as you listen to me and obey my orders" This is so pathetic!! Never seen a more toxic person in my life. All he does is smoke, eat, sleep, bully, shout, abuse, terrorize everyone, repeat. Lastly, I hope manisha, her disgusting boyfriend shukla, his blind disgusting supporters, and also money hungry salman suffer so much in their life, they have no idea how god is going to punish them for every single bad thing they have done, I can't express how angry I am right now, I witnessed so much injustice throughout the entire season and I still cannot do anything about it, kutte ki maut maroge tum sab log yaad rakhna, there's something called karma and it hits hard so wait for it you shameless monsters. Aaak thoo

  • chiranjib

    Boht pyari,khuli aur polite larki he sehnaz...

  • Ajay Jangra
    Ajay Jangra


  • Suman Kaur
    Suman Kaur

    Jb sid sana k show pr aya sana ro rahi thi it means vo mjbur ho kr kam kr rahe hai or she always love sid

  • Mamta Pandey
    Mamta Pandey

    Ydi kbhi koi kuch jeet hasil kr le to pta nhi kyo log use girane me lg jatey hai kaun khta hai sid deserving winnar bnne k layak nhi the .... Bilkul glt aur barabar show ko sid ne 101% diya puri trh desarving the .Achha nhi lgta bar bar bhi bat ......Aur aisa nhi ki sid logo ka dil nhi jeet paye bhut pasand unhe kiya hai aur us trh vote bhi aaye to aisa kisi ko n khiye

  • Abhinav Sharma
    Abhinav Sharma

    Sali sid ... Krke hje kehndi dekhde a kon impress krda..... Fake person

  • Abhinav Sharma
    Abhinav Sharma

    A bol kese rahi a😁

  • Suman Routh
    Suman Routh

    Big boss 13 ko hum sub bhul nhi pa rhe hai yr😴😴😴😴


    Sid real win

  • Hafijun Saiyed
    Hafijun Saiyed


  • Hafijun Saiyed
    Hafijun Saiyed

    Thating naz hai

  • Kanwaljit singh Kawal
    Kanwaljit singh Kawal



    She is gem of a person.. love you a lot..God bless her

  • Aamir Bhai
    Aamir Bhai

    कितना ओबार एक्टिंग करती है

  • Noor Afshan
    Noor Afshan

    ye log sana sana kar rahe hain bhaiya uska naam SHEHNAAZ hai

  • Sambit Tripathy
    Sambit Tripathy

    Flipper isilye naam pada coz 😜 wo sab ki thi aur kisiki nhi thi when it comes to game....she is not that dumb...baaki sab team mei khel rahe they..but isko laga being neutral election mei jayegi. 😝😝😝

  • sahrik khan
    sahrik khan

    Siddharth I love you your lovely nice good look I love love love love you you are very handsome please like Siddharth

  • Bierce Akaley
    Bierce Akaley

    Bcchi bnne ka natak bahr b chalu h inka , bb se phle k intrviews me ye badi ldki thi ,vha jake bcchi bn gyi ,Fakebnaz

  • Mandeep Bhowmick
    Mandeep Bhowmick

    Faltu kaam he karne h inko.. Useless news