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  • iFeel zzzZz
    iFeel zzzZz

    The most stupid ending ever. The dark and light fight scene borefest

  • Jack Hogan
    Jack Hogan

    Mom: it’s because of that damn you know the rest

  • Geronimo

    Script writer smoke to much weed on this film

  • Gustaf Baan 01
    Gustaf Baan 01

    Me: *Looking in thumbnail* Every where i go, i see hes face. Im just really miss him (captain america)

  • انثى ملائكية
    انثى ملائكية

    احلى حلقة الاوله

  • Pedro Traguil
    Pedro Traguil

    The song sounded like a cover from SOAD - Aerials, who sings that?

  • John Wolfchild
    John Wolfchild

    Fuck you Covid19

  • Aziz cool
    Aziz cool

    Give this man a shield And see what can he do :)

  • dope aiman
    dope aiman

    Prequel captain america.. with his son

  • Faryad Hussan
    Faryad Hussan

    [email protected] thanks

  • Ibrahim Alam
    Ibrahim Alam

    Hello Ben Affleck

  • Andi Ashadi Salam
    Andi Ashadi Salam

    After Capt retired from defending earth.. Now he's defending jacob at Whatever it takes.

  • Can İnce
    Can İnce

    when this serie?

  • Goldboy Jr
    Goldboy Jr

    I watch a lot of movies and this was actually pretty good haha wow

  • Manoj Varghese
    Manoj Varghese

    I’m a simple guy. I see Chris Evans I click.

  • River Zane
    River Zane

    don't fucking watch this movie its awful.

  • dark ranger
    dark ranger

    More like "DEFENDING BUCKY"

  • Ritik Thakkar
    Ritik Thakkar

    some people move on but not us we wil watch it on loop

  • Jon Padilla
    Jon Padilla

    This is trash...should’ve found a way to follow Hobbs and Shaw story in fast 9


    He looks too good to be a dad. Goddamn he makes me jealous.

  • Ashley is here
    Ashley is here


  • Fardin Rashid
    Fardin Rashid

    nice movie

  • OctoLink

    Nobody wanted this

  • Purnama Purnama
    Purnama Purnama

    What is caption America doing here ??

  • Tùng Vũ
    Tùng Vũ

    brother war


    He sounded like a goat every time peter would go “😒 bleh”

  • TruDragon88

    Can’t wait 🔥🔥🔥

  • SuperNovaHeights

    Why didn’t people just self-isolate?

  • 1sikgsxr 07
    1sikgsxr 07

    This movie was terrible.

  • TruDragon88

    It was always you , bro

  • Kermitting SewerSlide
    Kermitting SewerSlide

    Please just be delayed don’t DO this to us Warner Bros

  • Shariq Shahid
    Shariq Shahid

    Worst movie ever just wasted my time lots of unsolved plot holes

  • Diwash Shrestha
    Diwash Shrestha

    Escape from Pretoria is actually a good movie, Harry done good there

  • Carmen Garcia
    Carmen Garcia

    I miss street raceing

  • TDK

    han is the master enemy hob and shaw movie

  • Sanet Hamman
    Sanet Hamman

    2:03 more lighties!

  • cynthia rouse
    cynthia rouse

  • Dama͜͡r๛TNM


  • Alquma shamim
    Alquma shamim

    Hello captain 💕

  • vishal sharma
    vishal sharma

  • kuba kunki
    kuba kunki

    film kozaczek , tu możecie go obejrzeć

  • kuba kunki
    kuba kunki

    film kozaczek , tu możecie go obejrzeć

  • kuba kunki
    kuba kunki

    film kozaczek , tu możecie go obejrzeć

  • kuba kunki
    kuba kunki

    film kozaczek , tu możecie go obejrzeć

  • Sy Badine
    Sy Badine

    Jordan Peele, single handedly trying to ruin all your favorite horror films....🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😂🚮

  • Shawn meme boy
    Shawn meme boy

    That was John sena

  • Semir Ajanovic
    Semir Ajanovic

    Han is back and he is still hungry.

  • Shine Mv
    Shine Mv

    I thought in the last scene of the trailer he might say...yipee ka yay [email protected]#^&

  • Kenny Cliff
    Kenny Cliff

    So this is capt's life after end game

  • Faiyaz Rahman
    Faiyaz Rahman

    Captain America moved to stranger things..

  • amit kumar
    amit kumar

    Captain Rogers.

  • Komodo Gaming
    Komodo Gaming

    Waiting for Godzilla vs Kong 2020

  • king clone
    king clone

    Oh gosh...his voice sucks

  • Max Max
    Max Max

    Its israel upcoming plan

  • Dr. Tariq Ramadan
    Dr. Tariq Ramadan

    Ufff.... So intense... Only parents can feel

  • Umi_hafidh Bahasyim
    Umi_hafidh Bahasyim

    Ai like song dis

  • msbailey62

    While yall are complaining about how the plot is to generic, or Bruce willis needs to retire he's still making millions of dollars of this while yall are sitting on the couch doing mouthing

    • msbailey62


  • disha Patel
    disha Patel

    Miss you Paul Walker

  • Treclomer

    looks kinda standard?? expect more from peele

  • karan jena
    karan jena

    Cap america retirement plan😅🤣🤣

  • MusicOrGetMugged

    Welp i think i just watched the whole thing

  • Loizos Charalampous
    Loizos Charalampous

    Where is the ROCK?..... John Cena: Behind the scenes.

  • SIK7

    Christina Aguilera

  • Random_Productions


  • Panos Bakaloudis
    Panos Bakaloudis

    Fast and Furious 10: Dom and Cena team up against Thanos and John wick, cuz cena killed wick’s dog

  • Rk

    You can't see me....

  • anders sorensen
    anders sorensen

    Looks awesome! Cant wait!

  • Онлайн-кинотеатр с сериалами
    Онлайн-кинотеатр с сериалами

    Глянь у меня

  • DEF

    Хай из Раши

  • dron live
    dron live

    I guess this is the Movie Before Infinity war and after Civil war😝😝😝

  • Chihan Lee
    Chihan Lee

    Use the shield

  • Chester

    holy fuck an apple original that actually looks really good?

  • Marvel studio's
    Marvel studio's

    So Captain defends Jacob now🤔

  • yannick willems
    yannick willems

    i love it

  • Nuran Quluzade
    Nuran Quluzade

    salam ben cox beyendim 10 puan

  • Zack

    Is this movie about removing phones

  • Daniel Sisneros
    Daniel Sisneros

    More racist Jordan Peele movies... Sweet! I will be there day one!

  • Rehana Ali
    Rehana Ali


  • R.C Christian
    R.C Christian

    the moment when brian o conner shows up

  • Yel YL
    Yel YL

    Lyanna Mormont 😊

  • Raam krishnan
    Raam krishnan

    Chris evans fan from India 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Madhu dugar
    Madhu dugar

    Story copied from indian movie drishyam

  • Keshav B
    Keshav B

    dealing with bats?? sounds like corona virus to me!

  • Malicious Vin
    Malicious Vin

    boy his beard is really cool af just like in previous avengers👌

  • Mo

    No one: Apple: *turning off comments of a movie trailer*

  • super sonic
    super sonic

    The robots were so random

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    Physics: u cant do all that crap Dom: its special effects darling

  • Merxki

    The times when Fast and Furious was all about street racing.

  • Ekaterina Heridis
    Ekaterina Heridis

    Jacob = ✡

  • LusqeT



    John cena and rock

  • Yves StLuCiA
    Yves StLuCiA

    He is too annoying to watch. Jessie Eisenberga face is really painful to look at too, which adds to the discomfort. I'll pass.

  • F dL
    F dL

    Forget about the accents, I watched it and it was thrilling! And Daniel Webber is a cutie.

  • Abhishek Shukla
    Abhishek Shukla

    Always on Top

  • Parag Soni
    Parag Soni

    Seems pretty interesting.. 🤗🤗

  • Lifetime Physics
    Lifetime Physics

    Who really said it after watching it.

  • Levi Monsalve
    Levi Monsalve

    We’ll there’s a new thing on my TO DO list😂

  • Sean Alfonso Jaca
    Sean Alfonso Jaca

    what type of year is this ? i mean where the movie is like 2100

  • Sarthak Jain
    Sarthak Jain

    I'm just curious to watch this only because of Chris Evans.

  • มานะ มีชัย
    มานะ มีชัย