Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter
Jordan Matter

A crazy dude with a camera and too much caffeine photographing some of the most incredible dancers, contortionists, acrobats, gymnasts, TikTok stars and circus performers on the planet, including Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae, Sofie Dossi, the Rybka Twins, the Grav Gang, Kaycee Rice, Rebecca Zamolo, Piper Rockelle, the Ninja Kidz, Cirque du Soleil, and almost the entire cast of Dance Moms! This is also the home of the 10 Minute Photo Challenge! Enjoy!

  • Hailey Elizabeth
    Hailey Elizabeth

    Poor dad 😂😂

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    who introduced u to him

  • lenora shango
    lenora shango

    my answers Tik tok dance: 1: renegade 2: yonce 3: beggin 4: love songs 5: no idea 6: dopebwoy 7: throw it back like a catillac 8: woah 9: ahi challenge 10: say so 11: lip gloss 12: lottery

  • Clara Laguer
    Clara Laguer

    your son and Isabella I still respect your team my fav was the one that had to do with the toilet seat

  • Claudio Avila
    Claudio Avila

    so COOL

  • JJ Scott
    JJ Scott

    Asking this young lady to stand on public counter tops is just rude as hell. I hope she realizes that she doesn't have to do rude things some photographers want her to do

  • Claudio Avila
    Claudio Avila

    can you do a prank on lily again

  • Carolina Gomez
    Carolina Gomez

    I think concéntri wins.

  • Meily_ Prasit
    Meily_ Prasit

    i watched this in 2020 and that video you have 2 million subscribers but now 4 million wow that is fast one year you gain 2 million subscribers.

  • Candice Ng
    Candice Ng

    jordan should have posted the last pic isabella that hudson took (with the CD and cool rainbow effect) onto insta if he did Hudson would have won the challenge lol also Salish is so adorablee!

  • Monika puri
    Monika puri

    you should do more videos with Sofie Dossi😀

  • jayden zhang
    jayden zhang

    We can comment now anyone noticed?

  • Britney Marsh
    Britney Marsh

    Team 2

  • 222ali dom XXX
    222ali dom XXX

    Can't Touch This suck on it

  • 222ali dom XXX
    222ali dom XXX

    Say so

  • Nagster Garvey
    Nagster Garvey


  • 222ali dom XXX
    222ali dom XXX


  • Ruby Orme
    Ruby Orme

    he gives me a weird vibe

  • Wolfs Don't trip army
    Wolfs Don't trip army

    OMG comments are on finally

  • Katelyn Thompson
    Katelyn Thompson

    I love dacs

  • Katelyn Thompson
    Katelyn Thompson

    you are usum

  • samiax Albala.
    samiax Albala.

    I feel bad for Bella’s dad 😂😂

  • Tokyo Retro
    Tokyo Retro

    8:30 his reflection 😂

  • Kayleigh Lambe
    Kayleigh Lambe

    I think you and the girl because they got helped x

  • Franncine Bariñan
    Franncine Bariñan

    Tell Charlie to Milio

  • Franncine Bariñan
    Franncine Bariñan

    I have a TikTok

  • Angie Ranirez
    Angie Ranirez

    I subscribe love your your videos

  • TaZaiya Curry
    TaZaiya Curry

    I do tiktok

  • TaZaiya Curry
    TaZaiya Curry

    Your team won Jordan

  • Keira Bowie
    Keira Bowie

    Say so, ahi challenge, renegade, no idea

  • Bting 92
    Bting 92

    Littler is not a word btw LOL LMAO :)

  • Tara Smyth
    Tara Smyth

    I love your videos Jordan 😍🇦🇺🇦🇺🤩

  • Renice Ferguson
    Renice Ferguson

    Your children were glasses

  • Balkis Mawati
    Balkis Mawati

    I tink jordan matter and he kids

  • Karis Duncan
    Karis Duncan

    isabellas dads face

  • Sushi Ramsawak
    Sushi Ramsawak

    Wow Jordan just SO SUDDENLY got so many subscribers wow

  • Sushi Ramsawak
    Sushi Ramsawak

    Wow Jordan just SO SUDDENLY got so many subscribers wow

  • jasmine hung
    jasmine hung

    Hi Jordan its jasmine I'm a big fan and I wish to be in one of your VIDEOS so if that can happen I would be greatfull

  • Julianne Polak
    Julianne Polak

    Wow good job

  • Ashley Xu
    Ashley Xu

    *Who else feels bad for her dad...?*

  • Mystical Misty
    Mystical Misty

    love the one with zak and sofie and the kiss awsome

  • Katherine Kaza
    Katherine Kaza

    Jorden: “photo hacks inside” Me: *social distancing....*

  • Røbløx C00KIE
    Røbløx C00KIE

    Omg salish is so cute 9:32 Jordan:ooh sandy thats a good one Me:XD

  • Angela Randall
    Angela Randall

    8:25 u saw the lopez brothers reflection in the coke machine im 💀 😂😂

  • SingleSisters Stickers
    SingleSisters Stickers

    1. Lottery

  • Genesis Nieves
    Genesis Nieves

    I think your sons team won

  • Areli Gama
    Areli Gama

    Dude that boy ain’t know what a freakin horse is Him sees horse*: AHH OMG😲 Him: “is that a llama?” 😂😂

  • the Love family Lily
    the Love family Lily

    Jordan I like And subscribe and I put the notification Bell on

  • the Love family Lily
    the Love family Lily

    Bella and your son

  • Kylie Elizabeth lee
    Kylie Elizabeth lee

    I am a huuuuuuuuuuuge dance moms fan I have recorded a lot of season 8 and I love 💓 it

  • Grace Sierra
    Grace Sierra

    #3 do not know

  • Grace Sierra
    Grace Sierra

    #2 I don't know

  • Arlene Camargo
    Arlene Camargo

    I'm literally eating cinnamon toast

  • Grace Sierra
    Grace Sierra

    #1 lottery

  • Dani Musick
    Dani Musick

    Whenever the covid-19 is over can u come to Florida

  • Adrian Bird
    Adrian Bird

    The teenager lost

  • Rebecca Fleck
    Rebecca Fleck

    Love you jorden hope you had a great day

  • Sofia Sanchez
    Sofia Sanchez

    Good. Job

  • a gaming
    a gaming

    That was already on TikTok

  • a gaming
    a gaming


  • Patricia tres
    Patricia tres

    This video give such a happy feeling . I don't know why , but it does

  • Caitlyn Morrison
    Caitlyn Morrison

    here are my answers: 1. renegade 2. younce 3. begin 4. love songs 5. no idea 6.dopebwoy 7. Cadillac 8.woah 9. ahi 10. say so 11. lipgloss 12. renegade I love you so much Jordan I love you crazy enthusiasm when you film you videos

  • Maria eduarda Duda
    Maria eduarda Duda

    Cade o povo do BRASIL