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  • Ok Austino
    Ok Austino

    I'm confused so is Mira gonna lose her nitro?

  • Ikehurd

    My bois Ubisoft staff now

  • AndrewCalifornia101

    i love Assassins Creed 3. probably one of my favorites up there with black flag

  • sibusky

    This is bs you cant add local players to online matches other than that its a good game i guess

  • Xx_Dawee_xX

    ace= ameria kapitan

  • Xx_Dawee_xX


  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    Another horror game in disguise.

  • rudiko138

    Add more guns you lazy bastards

  • Mark M.
    Mark M.

    The time has come that I will be known as, Rurik the Rus. Varangian prince & founder of Novgorod.

  • Human Reptile
    Human Reptile

    This is how vloggers think they are but the start of far cry 5 when the guy gets his eyes gauged out is what would probably happen

  • Theosis27

    Absolutely amazing game! I get chills hearing that deep based intro pop in

  • Arty Sanchez
    Arty Sanchez

    I don't understand how y'all look at this utility meta and straight up give defenders more utility

  • TheTark

    Hurk. I. Love. Him. He is me lol. We like the same stuff. Act the same.


    😮 graphics

  • Eric L.
    Eric L.

    YoBoyRoy is one hell of a salesperson!

  • Prince T
    Prince T

    It almost feels like ubisoft wants the AA to be bad🙄

  • purpleblunt

    It would be nice if we could have the pre reworked maps in custom games and t hunt like house,hereford,kanal,theme park, clubhouse and kafe

  • Ppapguy3210 Lol
    Ppapguy3210 Lol

    Maestro is my main. Anyone else ?

  • lukas graumans
    lukas graumans

    she said chimera viruses but coronaviruses could well be, there are hundereds of them and cov-sars is one of them

  • Ppapguy3210 Lol
    Ppapguy3210 Lol

    Little do they know a 59 yr old man is part of a special army

  • Sander Van der Laak
    Sander Van der Laak

    What a stupid video

  • Edi z
    Edi z

    I want his MVP animation entering tue nine tails mode from naruto

  • Doom Boyk3
    Doom Boyk3

    That last scene was a bit stupid, Pulse is shooting Sledge and he was taking the bullets like a boss so he could’ve kill pulse with his shotty

  • That ONE antoid
    That ONE antoid

    If you're going to take away the sensitivity effect of the polish sisters you should increase the dizzying affect so it's harder to see. Is that asking for too much?

    • Garrett Wade
      Garrett Wade

      Well, Zofia will still be very strong as hers act like proximity scouting tools. Ela, well, she already needed a lot of work.

  • Eric Buys
    Eric Buys

    Guys I have an asassins creed idea what if when you can't go further back In time make a modern day assassin's creed with cars snipers bullet proof armour hell even a helicopter I'll draw assassin's designs

  • hape

    I may be 5 years late but im gettting this now

  • A gaming toast
    A gaming toast

    I’m sorry but what kinda line is “Spaz if you want to, spaz if you want to”?

  • M r C h i l l
    M r C h i l l

    I hope the ying elite skin is a cyborg or something cool like this

  • M r C h i l l
    M r C h i l l

    Okay give echo a permit now since he always gets banned

  • isaiah lucero
    isaiah lucero

    how is this a gameplay trailer

  • Amber Kashif
    Amber Kashif

    i cant play r6 siege for 1 yr cuz there are no servers in my country fix that or make that we can change data centers this is my dream game but not for long

  • Totesfleisch

    Alot of potential came with this Pass based around Peace, but in the end, nothing came out of it. Kinda sad!

  • Other Blank
    Other Blank

    Love it :)

  • Arkan Majed
    Arkan Majed

    I love you Ubisoft❤❤❤❤😘😘😘

  • MR.gamer

    I just can't wait

  • Dylan Solomon
    Dylan Solomon

    Spring of 2021

  • Ares Rahl
    Ares Rahl

    I love how you pronunce Italian names. I think you could create a new language🤣

  • Nature Boy
    Nature Boy

    How is this game only 12 gb?

  • Darshan Bhambhani
    Darshan Bhambhani

    Is that an ancient Tibetan dagger in your pocket or are you just happy to see me

  • Blaq Gai
    Blaq Gai

    Watching this two years later and this is absolutely the most pathetic tournament i've ever seen.

  • Syahril Mohd
    Syahril Mohd

    is it like remastered or can play in HD res?

  • Saint Wolf
    Saint Wolf

    He's a great actor. He was fantastic as Walker.

  • YJS Entertainment
    YJS Entertainment

    The total reputation compared to the amount of steel shows how much steel he bought

  • Natsumii

    Me habría gustado que fuese la actriz de doblaje la que hicisese el video..

  • Mcivor

    When tf are yous releasing the god damn trailer for the new hero????

  • Yousuf Khalid
    Yousuf Khalid

    Why you don't make any series again for Prince of Persia.? Even that game is really much interesting to play. I just imaging POP in such graphics ... <3

  • Argjend Nika
    Argjend Nika

    Hello. All that you see in this story is all from the Pelasgians and Illyrians of that time, which means Albanian. All this hysteria made by foreign historians is a lie to let everyone know that odyssey and where I know others I do not mention now names and times of that time all were Illyrians. Hello, but if you don't know or you are angry about this, you can google it, just mark ILLYRIANS - PELASGIANS and you will see how you came and who we are. I greet you and I play this game with all the pleasure of the soul that it seems to me that I am at that time.

  • Nick C
    Nick C

    Episode is fantastic! So much emotions, so human. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • Splaytiger

    10 years later and this game is still one of the best assassin creed games out there

  • Deshaun Delain
    Deshaun Delain

    Origins was the Beginning Odyssey was the Journey And Valhalla is the Destination

  • Sand

    3:16 42069 Credits

  • GmenNfc

    I want one

  • -Jayy- x-Money-x
    -Jayy- x-Money-x

    Bro , didn’t he say shields , how you still get hit in the neck

  • Western Yorkie
    Western Yorkie

    I just really want to see full chain mail and helmets for all the vikings so we can have some realistic armour sets as a option as I really like the realistic stuff more than fantasy vikings tbh

  • Kim N
    Kim N

    Oh great another operator with a super 90... totally balanced.

  • AH

    Hey guys, am doing some walkthroughs for Assassin’s creed unity if that interests u please make sure to visit my channel. Just a heads up am still new to this. Would appreciate ur subscriptions and feedback.

  • andewa fff
    andewa fff

    1:47 is that cod's hitmarker ?

  • nanab256

    2:58 FUS-RODAH!!

  • Juicy kiwi
    Juicy kiwi

    As a fast plant amaru main... This is the best update that has ever dropped.